Monday, February 8, 2021

Looking for Rainbows

 Why do bad things happen to good people? This is something I’ve been asked a lot—especially when someone finds out that I have cancer. But it hits me funny because I’ve always seen God as a clockmaker. 

In my imagination, He works and works to build these intricate, multifaceted clocks and watches. They run for however long they’re supposed to. Maybe a clock is caught in a house fire or an earthquake. A watch could be left out in the rain, even when it’s not weatherproof. The clock might get cracked or overly worn with time. Maybe the thing lasts and lasts much longer than expected. But the point is that at some point, the clock will stop. When it’s run its course, only a fool would blame the clockmaker. Cancer sucks, but I’m not about to blame God. He gave me life—He wound my clock—death was just part of the bargain.

Our world is filled with so many terrible variables. But if something “bad” does happen, it can usually look good with a change of perspective. Even a crack in a clock’s face can look like a rainbow when turned in the right light. So that’s what I’m looking for today: rainbows. Sometimes even the biggest imperfections can make life beautiful. 

We can always find the good if we take the time to look for it...always.