Thursday, February 11, 2021

Cancer Diagnosis...A Sobering Reality

Well, today has been a sobering reality that I’m on a long, hard road. The doctor confirmed that this probably is what I’ll die from, BUT we just don’t know when. 

Sooo, let’s look at the positives:

No. 1 I might have longer than two years. 🤗

No. 2 Everything looks remarkably unchanged—they said “stability is not something to sneeze at” EXCEPT *drumroll please* after radiation my cancerous brain tumor is a little smaller than last time. Whaaa??? That’s awesome!

No. 3 There’s a support group for juveniles and young adults with cancer who are 39 and under. I might have “squeaked in” at 38 years old, BUT I’m considered a young adult with cancer. (Nothing like a cancer support group to make me feel young.) 

P.S. I walked past a man who’s probably 40 with cancer—too bad that schmuck missed the cutoff (bwa-ha-ha).

Sooo, the news isn’t bad...and it isn’t stellar. I’m a little deflated because it would’ve been super cool to be automatically cured like those folks in the Bible. But no.... Apparently I’m still terminal, I still have cancer, and I still have a brain tumor. Yep. That is hard to write. 

Today, all of this is so hard to believe...again. #SlowLearner I have days like that, ya know? When reality is tough to digest.


A Young Adult with Cancer

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  1. You are brave, courageous, beautiful, and inspirational. My best and probably close to only friend ( we are both Catholic, Republican and the same age & living here in California has Cancer (year 11 now). You both amaze me with such Faith & Trust In God. Thank you for sharing your talents with us. You are in my daily prayers, young lady!