Thursday, February 11, 2021

God is a Biker in Heaven

 I’m hiking, but I’m not alone. The man to my left appears to have stepped out of a biker bar. He’s massive with muscles bulging from his sleeveless leather jacket. The whole thing makes me smile; I never imagined God to have a long, gray beard—or to look like such a legend.

We traverse rocky terrain and dangerous boulders. Even when I’m not looking directly at the man, I know He’s there. Sometimes I’ll catch His scent or hear His voice, and each time I almost fall, something helps me safely stay the course. 

Finally we reach the top of the mountain, but it’s not what I expect, and my heart sinks. “God,” I turn, “why are we here?”

His face wrinkles with sorrow, and as He stares at a stone altar, He doesn’t say a word.

“What is this place?” I press on.

“This is where all men must be tested. The tests come at different times and in different ways, but they always come.” He motions for me to hold out my hands. “Do you trust me?”

I nod and do what He asks despite my human desire to run.

God, that gnarly-looking biker, gently ties my hands before motioning for me to lie on the cold, stone slab.

“Am I going to die?” I ask.

“Everything has a season,” He says.

My stomach turns. I’m so scared. But as I stare up into His eyes, I see the mysteries of the universe and understand that He knows so much more than I ever could. He must have a reason for all of this.

“I don’t want to die,” I say, my voice shaky as I sit on the stone altar. Then, ever-so-slowly, I swing my legs up and lie on my back. 

“Close your eyes,” He says. 

And as I study His features for the last time, I realize that this is what it must be like to fully surrender.... “ you,” I whisper. And I believe wholeheartedly that whatever comes next is for the greater good.


I had several tests and scans yesterday. I’ll have more tomorrow. But as I wait for results, I keep remembering the previous story and how it came to me long after reading the story of Abraham and Isaac (Genesis 22). 

I have no idea what the future will hold, but I’m amazed how liberating it feels to finally let go. I have no control over this situation. It really is in God’s hands now. I love how I picture Him; I bet He owns a Harley to ride on those streets of gold.

I really hope we’ll get good news tomorrow, but right now I’m lying on that altar, just trusting God.

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