Saturday, May 23, 2020

I suffer from compression

In the middle of the night I had THE WEIRDEST dream. I've had some strange ones lately, but this took the cake.
    A little man stood in front of me. "What you suffer from, my dear, is compression."

    "Excuse me?" I said.
    "Compression," he cleared his throat. "Everyone talks about depression. Well who cares if you're feeling a little lower than normal.  Compression is what you need to be worried about."
    In my dream I just gawked at him and even thought to myself, What in the heck is going on?
    "Assuming you aren't completely nutty," I said. "What is compression?"
    "I'd worried about that."
    "That you'd be as dumb as you look. Compression is far worse than depression. You feel as if everything is closing in. Too many worries; too much on your plate until you feel out of control..."  He straightened his back, proud of himself.  "Compression."
    "And how am I supposed to fix this, oh mighty, SHORT one."
    "Simple.” He smiled. "Become unpressed."
    "Like a shirt that hasn't been ironed?! Oh this is rich."
    "Laugh all you want," he said. "But there comes a time in everyone's lives when they can't do everything. Choices must be made. Things must be cut from your life, or you'll stay compressed FOREVER, until implosion occurs."
    With that he vanished and I woke up thinking I need to stop going to bed so late and that there was a lot of odd truth in that dream!

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  1. Oh yeah some dreams are weird while trying to tell us something