Thursday, February 22, 2018

What should you do before a serious surgery?

What should you do after finding out you need a serious surgery?

1- Visit Goodwill
2- Find the best dress seven dollars can buy
3- Wear it to work on the last day you’ll have a uterus
4- Do not (under any circumstances) cry like a freakin’ baby; there will be time for that—and hormoneslater

I LOVE my uterus dress! Time to laugh to keep from crying.

 photo 8A0DD092-2F38-48F8-A9BC-D7E7AD0E0968_zps2xmsjfme.jpeg

Seriously though,  I had my surgery today, and I’m amazed with how great I’m already feeling. Pretty wild when the pain after a surgery is actually less than the pain leading up to it. 

Signing Off,
A New Woman!

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