Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Newest Release, A STRANGER'S KINDNESS, FREE 2/20-21

The following eBook will be 
FREE from 2/19/18 - 2/21/18! 

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"Love can carry us through all of this. It doesn't age. Its back doesn't go out. It doesn't get arthritis, or need a motor. It doesn't lose its hearing or become forgetful. It is what keeps on when the years get late and our hair is grey. It's what can heal and buoy us through anything. I want to be old with you, yes, but I want to feel young with you forever."
      I finished reading the words and found myself speechless. I was a single mother, yet this selfless bachelor had come into my life, and he had literally changed everything. I'd never known a love like this.

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