Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Living a Legacy: Do You Have a Mentor?

A couple of days ago, as I talked with a dear friend, she noted that I sound so much like my mentor, and that I've learned so much in recent months.   
Hearing her words, I couldn’t help remembering when I was 15, taking fiddle lessons from Jim Sharp.  Although he didn’t teach me for an extended period, we immediately meshed and I learned my technique and style from him.  Last year, while playing in Ogden, UT, a man stopped me and said, “You sound like Jimmy Sharp.  Did you ever know him?”

    “He taught me,” I said.

    The man got a bit teary-eyed and whispered, “It’s amazing.”

    “What is?” I asked.

    “To hear his legacy live on through you.  He passed away, but his music lives on.”

    “He changed the way I play,” I said.  “In a way, he changed my life.”

   Long story short, I'm reflecting on how incredibly grateful I am for all the people who've selflessly invested in me.  I have grown tremedously in recent months, and as I sit here thinking about how amazingly blessed I am--I’m overwhelmed with wonder.  
   Looking back, many people have molded and bettered who I am.  I'm grateful to embody their legacies--and hopeful that someday I'll do the same for someone else.

    Life is an amazing journey; it should be practiced with arms wide open. 

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