Monday, February 13, 2017

What will you be when you grow up?

The Scribe stood, arguing with me--like she enjoyed it.  Finally, I'd had enough--people told me the teen years can be difficult; they didn't tell me it could be about this!
    "I think you actually like arguing with me."
    "Well, I've decided I want to be a lawyer," the Scribe said, her fifteen-year-old eyes sparkling with mirth.
    Oh, boy, this was gonna be crazy.  The Hippie, her little sister who sat on a couch, suddenly turned off the TV.  "Is that why you've been asking me weird things?!  Mom, the other day The Scribe kept asking if I thought violent riots are wrong.  I didn't want to talk about it, but she kept asking...and asking!"
    "And what did you say?" I asked.
    "I said people shouldn't hurt each other.  Then she picked the other side and said some riots have changed our world for the best, even when they have been violent."  The Hippie walked over to us and kept talking.  "She made such a good point, that I actually changed my mind.  But then she started arguing AGAINST me again!  Said there's never, ever a place for violence.  Both points were so good; I just ended up walking away."  She put her hands on her hips and stared at The Scribe.  "A lawyer, huh?"
    "That's right." The Scribe smirked.  "And I'd probably make a pretty good one if I could get you to change your mind like that!  Hippie, what do you want to be?"
    The Hippie blushed for just a minute and looked down.
    "You're being so shy," I said, worrying.  Why was she nervous to tell us?  Did she want to be a Mickey at Disneyland or something?  I took a drink of my coke and nodded at her, to please go on.
    "Well, my boyfriend wants to be a nurse," The Hippie said.  "And I thought it would be great to work with him.  So, I guess I'll just--have to be a neurosurgeon."
    "A what?" I almost spit my drink out, so taken off guard.  Talk about flippin' random.
    "Well, I want to work with him, but if I'm gonna do that, I might as well be his boss."
    That's my girl.
    So my oldest daughters have been to the counseling office to get more information about attaining college credits in high school and then moving on after that.  They are so darling.  I have no idea what they'll actually end up being, but lawyer, surgeon, or Mickey at Disneyland, I just hope they'll be happy and always know I'm proud of them. 

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