Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What Should I Do? I Heard Them Gossiping About Me

    Yesterday I was so happy.  Mike had to tie a string around my feet, worried I might float away from pure joy.  Okay, not really, BUT close.
    Anyway, The Hippie had just made some fried potatoes--which are about the best thing ever--and we sat talking about how A STRANGER'S KINDNESS just came out.  I told her if she really wants to write a book, she should go for it!  That's when my phone buzzed, with a voicemail.
    "That's weird," I said.  "I didn't even hear it ring."
    I hit zero, and smiled, listening to the beginning of the message.  "This is Veronica...and Chester."  I hope those are good cover names.  I don't want to out anyone with this post.  "We are so proud of you.  You're an inspiration.  We saw you on TV--and oh my gosh you're amazing!  Love you, girl."  
    Then apparently Veronica and Chester had thought they hung up. But. They. Hadn't.
    "She is so NOT amazing," Veronica practically spat, still on the voicemail.  "She thinks she's so neat.  Talk about conceited.  Anyone can write a book." She breathed hard.  "Anyone can go tell other people that they should look on thebright side.  Anyone can--"  I deleted the message after that, and wanted to cry into my potatoes.  
    "What's wrong?" The Hippie asked.
    And after I told her, all she said was, "Woah. What a jerk."
    The thing is that I ALWAYS assume the best of people.  So, when I've assumed someone can be taken at face value, it really sucks to find out they can't.
    After listening to that message, I'm in a dilema.
The way I see it, I have three options.

#1--I can cry, making an Alice in Wonderland river that is SO big, SO wide, we will never have a drought again.

#2--I can never talk to Veronica again.  She'll call, and I won't answer.  I'll see her in the grocery store, and practically dive into the next aisle, just to avoid, seeing her judgmental eyes.

#3--I'll call her and tell her everything.  (Unfortunately, THIS is my style.)  But whenever I've done this before people have denied it with: You misunderstood me.  That wasn't about you. Or...extremely nervous giggling.

What would  YOU do?  I'm at a loss here.  This couple wants to be friends with me and Mike.  I just don't think we should be anymore.  It's unfortunate that Veronica doesn't really know me. I'm as down to earth as they come.  And unless someone does something unforgivable, I have my friend's backs for life.

I keep replaying her words in my head. Seriously, I hope I'm nothing like she thinks.  If I am, please throw some cold water in my face, or something!  Thank you.


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