Wednesday, February 22, 2017

How to Keep Your Romance Alive

    Meet Mike:
 photo mike2_zpsxeb3veb3.jpg

Mike is a goofball.
   photo 1464596_10153970745215487_338163396475729878_n_zpskunxydrf.jpg 

And When I met him, he was the ultimate bachelor. I mean seriously.... He owned not just one--but TWO kegs.  
He flaunted a pool table.  
Women would leave THEIR WALLETS at his house, 
just so they'd have an excuse to see him the next day.
He would throw parties, and by the end of the night, 
end up looking like this:
  photo from this_zpsvizrcuzd.jpg 

 But for some reason, when Mike met me and my army of children, he went from this:
   photo mike3_zpsml03vue1.jpg 

To This:
  photo tothis3_zpscro66vpy.jpg 

From This (yes, those are barrels of rum!):
 photo IMG_4136_zpsutjhyf6e.jpg

To This:
  photo color_zpsd81sxltj.jpg 

Meet Me:
 photo IMG_3946_zpswdlmya35.jpg 
I am also a goofball:
get a hobby photo hobby_zps4ef3ce62.jpg

 photo sick_zpsoaiojvps.jpg 
And even though, I was happy being a single mom, 
and I thought I'd never find romantic love again... 
 photo singlemom_zpslcit3ci3.jpg
I did.
 photo wed_zpsioknrbka.jpg
Through all of this, I truly believe the key to keeping your romance alive is to really appreciate 
every moment you have with each other--
and to have fun. 
Whether you're working on the yard:
 photo gothic_zps1frgjflo.jpg  
Or on an adventure:
 photo para_zpschddajxe.jpg 
Just remember, life is short--enjoy the time you have together.
And if you haven't met the right person yet, don't lose hope.
I never thought I would....
BUT I did.
What keeps your romance alive?

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