Tuesday, February 14, 2017

What Makes a Real Man -- A Valentine's Dedication

What Makes a Real Man?

    A real man is someone who's willing to do something other men might not even dream of--he's courageous, seeing a challenge and, while other men are busy getting scared, he's already coming up with solutions.  He's the kind of guy who dates a single mom with four kids, and instead of running away like a pansy, he simply says, "I've got this." He's amazing really--and I like his freakin' style.
I met a man like that once....

    A real man is selfless. He thinks about the needs of others.  He might even work a grave shift, getting home at five, but for some reason he's still willing to get up at seven to help the kids get ready for school--even though no one expects him to, or asks him to. 

    He's thoughtful....  On holidays like today, his kids wake up to see Valentine's bags prepared especially for each one of them.  And as he watches them open their gifts, his eyes light with amusement even though he hasn't slept all night, and he's no longer living for his needs alone.

    A real man is kind.  Even if their woman is sad, or having a really hard day about the same thing--for the millionth time in a row--that man will hold her in his arms, rock her, and tell her he loves her and everything will be okay.

    When I met Mike, I had no idea how much he would change my life.  I just remember joking around about the most inappropriate things, laughing so hard.  I thought, "Now there's a funny guy.  He's gotta be the happiest person I've ever met."  He was silly, and young, and fun.  I still can't believe we went from that, to this. 
    That jokester has taught me how strong someone can be, and how empowered they can make you feel--especially when they're your best friend.  He's taught me how fighting can actually be fun, after we finally find something to agree on.  And that although life can be exceptionally hard, our family is strong enough to make the hardships easier. 
    And lastly, he's helped me see that even if I didn't always feel like it, I am worth somethin'.  And that I would do nearly anything to make him feel the same.
    I know things aren't perfect, and sometimes I freak out when the dog sleeps in our bedroom.  And I can be completely irrational about the weirdest things--and I was more of a hindrance, than a help, that one time I "helped" you fix my car.  *still smiling*  But you have completely changed my life, and the lives of the children. 
    Thank you for being so wonderful to us.  I hope that every day you feel how much all of us love and appreciate you.
                 Happy Valentine's Day to a real man.
                                                                          Love you,

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