Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Two Choices: A Soulmate or Eternal Salvation

Remember how I have symbolic dreams?  Well, I had one about you two weeks ago.  And I can't get the damn thing outta my head, so I'm gonna air more dirty laundry here, for an online community to paw over and see, just so I can heal.

Here goes . . .

I'm walking the streets of New York, which is amazing, because I've always wanted to go there.  People stand, so crowded--all different walks of life smashed together just to get someplace that's momentarily important.
    When suddenly, there's this big blond guy standing next to me.  He's head-and-shoulders taller than anyone else and extremely handsome, reminding me of Saul in the Bible.
    So this huge guy, whisks me out of the crowd and pulls me into a massive, mirrored business building.  After a second I'm standing in an elevator with "Saul."  The mellow music and carpeted walls do anything but calm me.  Then Saul tells me that he's an angel, and that God picked me special, giving me a choice, wanting me to know what type of person I really am.
    I shake my head and laugh.  "You're a big dude, but an angel? Seriously?  And you're saying God is going to test me? I already know what type of person I am."
   "Do you!  You've been through a lot, Elisa, but one can always learn something new, especially after seeing how one reacts to different situations."  
    His words hang eerily in the air, and I have to admit that chills etch my spine as we walk into the hallway beyond the elevator.  After that, Saul pulls out the key to an executive suite. I gasp while entering the suite 'cause it's gorgeous beyond anything.  Fresh fruit and flowers scent the front room, near chocolates and candles.  But surprisingly the only furniture in sight is a mahogany table and a tan leather couch.  
    Saul maintains his no-nonsense attitude and points to the back of the room.  "You see those two doors?  They represent your choice."
    "Yeah, I see them," I say, a bit shakily.  They're strange doors, especially to be in an executive suite.

 photo doors_zpsc4582991.jpg

    "If you go through the one on the left, you can be with the man you believe is your soulmate--you'll be with him through this life IF he chooses you as well.  Walk through the door on the right, and you can go to Heaven when you die."
    "What?!  My soulmate . . . or eternal salvation?  What if I want both?"
    "Only one or the other."  Saul sits lazily on the leather couch, as if he does this for a damn living and could care less about my final choice.  Then he polishes a red apple on his yellow button-up shirt.  "Take my advice and touch each doorknob before making your decision.  This is eternity we're talking about.  Nothing to take lightly."
     I wait for a moment, thinking he'll leave.  Instead he just starts eating that damn apple, juices running into his perfect goatee, the apple looking miniscule in his large hands.
    So I walk to the back of the room.  "Left, love.  Right, Heaven," I whisper.  Then almost before I can think about it, I hold my hand to the left door and touch the knob just as Saul instructed.
    My eyes close and memories of a forbidden love fill my head.  
    I saw myself texting you some stupid message, it said, "Who cares what you'll think of me in the morning! When ya coming over, asshole?"  What followed that text, I'll never forget.  
    Then visions of us hiking in the mountains, you shushing me 'cause we were hunting "deer."  But when you turned and kissed me, I swear I knew what you'd been hunting all along.  
    I saw us jumping the fence at an amusement park, 'cause the damn place was closed.  Then we ran Mission Impossible-style and hid near the lions' cages not too far from the picnic area, but just far enough the guards couldn't see us holding each other for hours.  
    I remembered being on a lil' boat in the ocean, with only each other and a thin blanket to keep us warm as the Golden Gate Bridge's lights twinkled above us and in the waters around.  
    I remembered all that, and I instantly didn't give a damn about Heaven, or the consequences that could follow.  My eyes flung open, studying the doors as I shunned the choice Saul had given me, 'cause it really wasn't a hard choice, for me. . . . 
    I would've done anything for you--for our love.  
    So I opened the door--on the left--but when I went through to what should have been our perfect life together on Earth, I was shocked.  
    You were there, but you couldn't see me, and a choice awaited you as well.  What in the hell would you choose?

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  1. Off to slave.... but am I holding a can of 'red beer'?....

  2. Well, for starters if you ever get to the East Coast, be sure to let me know. Would love to meet you in person.

    Secondly, I am a person of little faith - an agnostic, if you will. Even if I wasn't, though, I have always of the mindset to go with the sure thing rather than the maybes. i.e. whenever I'm job hunting, I care about salary - not future stock options or bonuses. The problem being that maybes don't always pan out. Nothing wrong with planning for the future, don't get me wrong, but my choice would always be to live in the here and now.

  3. Unfortunately the chances of the person we deem as "perfect" picking us as "perfect" in return very rarely ever happens. That's why our hearts heal over time - even if it takes our minds awhile to catch up to our hearts.

    I still miss my first "perfect" after years and years apart and through knowing he was as far from perfect for me as one could get. The heart always wants what it can't have.

    As for Eternal Salvation - I think that is where we truly fill our hearts so I would have to at least touch that door knob!!

  4. I think the angel is trying to trick you. If you choose love, then you choose Heaven. If you choose Heaven, then you choose love.