Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Idiotic & Funny Moments of the Week

Example #1

     Me: How'd golfing go? I prayed you'd score high.
     Hubby: Thanks a lot. It worked. Too bad the point is to score low.
     Me: Facepalm


Example #2

    Zombie Elf: I'm really sick with the pox.
    Me *freakin' out*: The chickenpox?
    Zombie Elf: No! I ain't no chicken. It's the human-pox for sure!
    Me *looking at his mirthful face*: Are you even sick?
    Zombie Elf: No. I just wanted to see you go bonkers.
Note to self: 
Stop saying, "I'm going bonkers," around the children.


And finally 
Example #3

    The Scribe *talking to her friend*: There's something that's been bothering me about life.
    Friend: Like What?
    The Scribe: I snuck downstairs and saw a movie my mom was watching. It was a completely real movie, not one of those fake ones. Anyway, they showed how if someone dies you can put a needle into their eye and bring them back to life!
    Me *dying as I drove past a cemetery--did I really just write THIS post about parents (and Netflix) letting kids watch terrible things*
    The Scribe *not realizing I was still listening*: Just think about all those dead people buried in cemeteries. People could have brought them back to life, but no one cared. . . .
    Me *with a lot of explaining to do*

    I racked my brain after easing her fears.  What show had she seen?
    Then it hit me like a fart in the night--she'd seen Lockout!  I LOVE that show.  But it's not the best for imaginative children. 

    To see what I'm writing about--IF you have a strong stomach--go to 4:30 on this clip.

    Anyway, it's only Tuesday and it's already been a long week.

    I might just watch Lockout again.  It's filled with so many wonderful cliches that I get to turn my mind off. If you watch it, I hope you'll enjoy the silliness and hysterical one-liners proper people refuse to laugh at.

Hoping for a calmer week, for all of us,


  1. LOL well I think you may already be a bit bonkers, but bonkers is sure fun. Haven't watched that one yet, sounds like it's worth a watch. I mean it reveals the secret to eternal life after all.

  2. Guy Pearce makes any movie just fine. Never funeral, I will have needles at the ready.

  3. Do you ever have a calm week at you house?

  4. Ah! All of the people that could've been saved!


    Greetings from Minneapolis,


  5. See, and I was thinking you were watching Once Upon A Time or Practical Magic. :)

    I skipped the clip, because I am having a hard enough time falling asleep these days... but let me tell you my kids have caught glimpses of SO MANY shows they shouldn't have.

    Looks like we both have some 'splainin' to do. :)

  6. BLoody awesome and bloody funny as well............

  7. Great post, as always your writing brought a smile to my face.

  8. Dear Bonkers, go for it! Peace.