Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Would You Listen to a Podcast of My Latest Interview?

If you'd like to listen to my latest radio interview, please visit the following link (start at 0:44 - 1:08): Kinetichifi Archive CLICK HERE

Also, Wayman Publishing has joined with Lexie Lane & Becky McNeer (co-authors of The Blogger’s Survival Guide) to host a blogfest--about parenthood--and offer participating bloggers a chance to be published.  Go HERE for more info. 

And lastly, some silly updates from my Facebook Page:

Me *on the phone with a telemarketer*: "200 bucks? That's ridiculous!"
My three-year-old daughter *after I hung up*: That was dick-ulous. Really! It was!
Me: Dick-ulous? *facepalm*
Wait 'til she uses THAT word at family reunions!

My five-year-old son (when I gave him apples to eat before breakfast today): Huh. No wonder they call 'em apple-tizers.
He might not know all of his letters, but at least he knows his apple-tizers! 

"Selling stuff at the Economics Fair will be like taking candy from a baby." -My Daughter
Somehow I don't think this is the message the 3rd grade teachers were trying to convey....

My eight-year-old daughter: Saying "Pig Latin" in Pig Latin, is harder than learning the entire language. 

I find this soooo sexy! It reminds me of the time he drove the mini van to a kiddie party--super cute. 

If you'd like to read more of these silly updates, I'll be posting one new update each day, just "LIKE" my Facebook Page HERE if you'd like to see them on FB. 


  1. Dickulous stuff happens to me all the time.


  2. I'm having an appletizer right now! Look forward to hearing your interview~

  3. LMAO oh if dickulous catches on she'll sure be the center of attention

  4. Funny (& good) interview!! Too bad the flying saucers kept screwing around with your phone.