Friday, June 28, 2013

How to Start a Successful Business on eBay

BIG DECISION: I've decided to finally sell ALL of my fabric. I had a booming eBay clothing business, but my hand eventually started hurting from sewing too much. The doctor told me I needed to stop to prevent future problems and possible damage that would affect my ability to play the violin.
    Well, it's $15,000-worth of fabric--crazy, huh. I'll be selling it at the Syracuse, UT fair tonight (6/28/13) and tomorrow for $1 a yard.

    If you're around--and don't even need fabric--I'll be the girl playing the solo violin by piles of material. I can still play a smokin' fiddle because of this sacrifice; why not perform a little to bring in some business AND help stop the pain that comes from the death of a dream?
    I've also decided to share ALL of my secrets to success with eBay tomorrow.  (SHHHH! Don't tell anyone I told you!)
 Some of the sets I made.
To see this "Story" told through pictures, please click "view full" or go HERE.


  1. What an amazing, talented, multitasking, entrepreneurial woman and mom of four your are! I'm sorry about the clothing business, but glad you got good advice so you can continue to play your violin. And, look what happened, another business, that hopefully is easier on your hands.

  2. Loved it!! The outfits were beautiful--& the girls even more so!!

  3. Is all that typing easier on your hands? Sure not on mine haha

  4. I can't see very well. Tears in my eyes, for some reason.


  5. Dear Elisa, an excellent video. Thanks for sharing. You are so creative. Peace.

  6. You can "tell your story with photos" using Boca Video, our new [free] iPhone app for DIY video-making using your photos and voice. You can download it here: When you've made your video, you can easily share it to YouTube, then either embed it in your listing [use YT's "old" embed code; see how:] or post the YT share link.