Sunday, June 30, 2013

Instructional Video: How to Have a Successful Business on eBay

I hope this'll help someone :)

If you're wondering how the fabric sale went this weekend, here goes:

We only made $19 on Friday, but it was fun hanging out with my little entrepreneur. Then, the Scribe started trading MY fabric for earrings etc. from other sellers! 
    It's so easy for her to barter . . . with other people's items!
On Saturday,  we sold over 500 yards!!!  At one point the Scribe asked, "Why did you give her all that fabric for half price?"
     "Because I like her," I said.
     "Would you stop liking people? Please!"

Later that day, the Hippie came to the fair.  She started asking people if they'd pay a dime to see a backhand-spring.  She made over ten dollars!  Do the math on that one--what a kid.

When the Hippie wasn't earning tips, she was either hiding the fabric she wanted to keep, or trying to give the rest away.  
She's JUST like her mother!


  1. SO typical of your girls!!

  2. I'll pay $20 for a back handspring. Your ebay trips are great. If I had something to sell -- besides myself . . . .


  3. Thanks for such great tips for EBay, I always wondered what EBay was like.
    Your girls are adorable and are doing cute things !

  4. I love your stories about selling (giving away?) fabric at the fair. So wonderfully funny! (especially re: the back handsprings)

  5. hahaha a couple of entrepreneurs you surely have there, that is a lot of backhand springs too.

  6. Those are cute little entrepreneurs you have there-- thanks for those tips on eBay, I'm planning on opening up an account.

  7. Your girls make me smile. The Hippie would have fun with my own Sunshine.

  8. Dear Elisa, both the Hippie and the Scribe seem as talented as their mom! Peace.

  9. I'd pay to see a backhand spring. Congrats on the sales, and on what sounds like a great weekend.

  10. Your crew is quite a hoot.

    I am thinking you may have some great television show potential here? Compassionate mother gives inventory to help the kind. Astute future business woman chastises family CEO for decisions impacting the bottom-line. Meanwhile, younger daughter flirts with a carnival career--what path will her life follow? Tune in next week for these exciting subplots and more...

    I hope your summer is going well and looks like I have a recent interview of you posted to listen to.

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