Monday, June 17, 2013

No one is perfect. Not even Superman.

My son to his little sister: Tattoos ARE NOT stickers. Haven't you seen Daddy's arms? There's a big difference.
My daughter: They are too the same! Daddy just never tried getting his stickers off!

My five-year-old son *after riding the biggest roller-coaster at Lagoon--the one with the death-drop that immediately goes upside down*: I bet I'm the only kid in kindergarten who's gone on that ride.
Me *laughing*: YOU are awesome. You wanna go again?
My son *stumbling, still a little green*: No! Mom, are you crazy? I only went 'cause Daddy said it was a little ride. At least now I can tell everyone about it at school.
Me: You'll be the bravest kid there.
My son: All right, it was worth it.

What a catch!

No one is perfect--not even Superman. Did you see how many people he couldn't save in the latest movie?

"I started leaving dollar bills in my pockets so that when I do the laundry, it's just like Christmas," my daughter said.
I coughed, rather loudly.
"What, Mom? You said make it fun!"
So that's why she's been doing all of her laundry right on time!

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Also, my first interview on a comedy radio station is this Wednesday. It'll be posted online if you want to listen in.  More details here: Comedy Radio Interview.


  1. Loving these stories, each and everyone has the 'ah' factor but especially that one about daddy's tattoos.

  2. Comedy radio should be fun haha neat trick with the laundry too. Brave zombie indeed.

  3. Incentive to do laundry? I wish I had thought of that way back when. Now I found wadded up Kleenex or rec'ts.

    Your son has become a mini-Cade.

  4. I wonder what would happen if I tried to pull off Favorite Young Man's "stickers". Boy, the kids would be fascinated by him.


  5. These made me smile. Thanks, EC!

  6. Can she do MY laundry?

    I have 2 tattoos. One day a little kid came up to me and said "Oh NO! Someone wrote ALL OVER you!" She was very upset. Wanted me to go wash it off right away. :)

    Stop over... got a warm and fuzzy story up you'd like. Tomorrow I return to my normal random antics.

  7. I'll be listening!! Are you going to be funny?

  8. I'm not sure yet, Fishducky. I sure hope so ;)

  9. Went and liked you over at Facebook.........thanks for the tattoos being like stickers is funny I remember when Sydney-May tried to get my tattoo off my arm she thought it was sticker and would come off.......I love to find money in the laundry I find it and I keep it.......

  10. These little stories are so hilarious. Thanks for the smiles.

  11. Dear Elisa, part of bravery, it seems to me, is knowing when to say "No" to another ride!!!! Your son is one smart boy----besides being brave! Peace.

  12. awwww - kids are so funny and adorable! That is pretty awesome about the scary ride. I don't think my kids would be so gracious to me about it - I would be in the parental dog house for quite a while, I'm afraid.