Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Bible Girl" is under Contract!

The book practically cried for me to spare its life, and for a moment I thought I'd rather burn in Hell than lose something my brother had given me in love. The pastor nudged me, though, and my heart turned to ice.
    I thought of all those hours my brother had read to me. I thought of all that time he'd invested.
    I couldn't throw it into the fire; not the last book of the trilogy. That funny little dwarf stared at me from the cover. Then, I closed my eyes. I stepped so close to the flames they almost ate my skin. I tore the book in front of those kids. I put on quite a show throwing in a section at a time because I couldn't stand sending the whole thing in at once. When the last pages went up in flame, and the dwarf on the cover curled with death, I dropped to my knees and cried. The kids all hooted and screamed in ecstasy, thinking I'd been freed, when the ropes of religion had just twisted tighter.

-Excerpt from Bible Girl and the Bad Boy, the first book in my memoir trilogy.

This book--along with many of Wayman's other eBooks--is 99 cents for a limited time.  Go HERE if you'd like to check it out.

And today's BIG news is . . . 

"Bible Girl" is currently under contract to be an audio book!  You can expect that in June.  I'm so excited.


  1. Awesome indeed, congrats at your feed

  2. I'd buy it--but then, I already did!! Congratulations!!!!!

  3. That is great news I love audio books......

  4. Dr. X listens to audio books. Maybe you could add a section to the book about how powerful he is and I'd send it to him. : )


  5. That is seriously intriguing- congratulations!

  6. Dear Elisa, congratulations on having a contract for an audio of "Bible Girl." That's just wonderful. Peace.