Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Scribe, the Devil and a Very Nice Man

Do you remember when we bought a husky?  Here's a post to help jog your memory:

Owners and Dogs Look Alike

    Anyway, she's a hoot.  The Zombie Elf loves her the most and some days I've caught the two of them sleeping on the trampoline together.  Luna (our enormous dog who makes a great pillow)--loves jumping on the tramp with zombies, go figure.
    The other day Luna got out.  The Hippie stayed home to watch our zombie and Doctor Jones.  She wasn't feeling well that day (but is doing much better after going on a dairy-free diet; thanks for your prayers).      
    Back to the point, the dog got out; The Scribe chased her.  I tried following them in the van and instead lost them because I'd be a terrible cop and ALL the villains would get away.
    I ended up driving around for half an hour.  When I finally decided to check back at home, I found The Scribe walking Luna on a new leash. 
    "This has been THE WORST day," she said.
    "What happened?  I was so worried.  I looked everywhere for you."
    "Luna went under a fence and into someone's backyard.  I followed her and got all scrapped up by some rose bushes."  She showed me her arms--they looked bad.  "Anyway, Luna was there attacking someone's cat.  So, since Luna is huge and I couldn't get her to follow me, I jumped on her and then tried keeping her on the ground while the cat got away."
    "Oh my gosh.  You're so brave."  I meant it, too.
    "Not really," The Scribe said.  "I held Luna for so long and she just wanted to run away.  I didn't have a leash or anything, so I started crying for you."  She turned to me.  "YOU didn't answer!"
    "I didn't know where you were."
    "Anyway, as I yelled, an old lady opened the back door and saw me fighting with Luna in her yard.  Instead of helping, she screamed, went back inside, shut the door and locked it."
    "What?!  Are you kidding me?  She didn't know if you were in danger.  She had no idea if Luna was attacking you . . . and she locked the door?"
    "Yeah, I got so sad after that, I just stood up and that's when Luna followed me.  A nice guy saw Luna following me.  He put this leash on her and said I could bring it back whenever."
    "What a great person," I said.  And it almost made up for the old woman's actions.  "But that lady . . . why didn't she help you?"
    "It wasn't very nice.  She looked really old, though," The Scribe said.
    "How old?" I asked.
    "At least forty."
    I almost choked.  How old does she think I look?!  "I don't care how old someone is.  I don't care if they're young and scrawny.  I don't care if they're more selfish than the devil.  I don't care IF they're over forty!  If I saw a child struggling with A BEAR--I would try to do something to help even if it meant I'd die trying.  You don't leave someone to die."
    The Scribe giggled.  "This really bothers you, doesn't it?  A bear?"
    "Yeah!  I hope you'll remember this.  As people, moments will come into our lives when we can help OR stand by as someone else gets hurt.  We can make the right choice--a difference."
    "I guess we can."  The Scribe nodded.  "I'll never forget the woman who ignored me, or the man who helped.  Most of all I'm just glad Luna's back."
    "Me too."  I smiled.
    After we put Luna in the house, we returned the leash.  The man was so nice that I had to tell him about the old lady.  "Some people," he said.  "Who in the world would turn away from helping a child?"    
    Yeah, I thought.  And to think, The Scribe wasn't even facing a bear!


  1. Maybe she's from the east coast. There's a lot of "Don't want to get involved" attitude here. It's pretty sad.

    We have a Newfoundland / border collie mix, so I can understand the feeling. She too likes to place the chase game. :)

    Glad it all worked out and happy to hear the Hippie is doing better.

  2. I read a sad survey recently. It asked men if they saw a child on it's own crying would they go and ask if they were ok. Over 60% said they wouldn't go near the kid as they didn't want to branded as possible paedophiles. We've created a climate of fear and this is the result.

  3. Sadly, Tony speaks the truth. Regardless, I'm not like the old lady, and I'm damn proud of that. Glad The Hippie is feeling better, and that The Scribe's arms heal quickly.

  4. So glad to hear the Hippie is feeling better! Granted, there are a lot of weirdos out there, but it's a sad day when people don't even feel comfortable assisting a child who needs help, just in case they get labeled as a pedophile...yeesh. Women don't worry about that as much, but I feel terrible that men feel that way. They're supposed to be defenders of women and children.

  5. Today I have to echo everyone else--especially that we're all glad The Hippie is doing better!!

  6. Me too! Echoing that I'm so glad the Hippie is doing better. And though the "old" lady set a bad example, wasn't it wonderful that it was balanced by a good one? And I'm so glad Luna is back home. The Scribe was very brave.

  7. I am so happy the Hippie is doing better. Will this new diet be permanent?
    Wild story and I'm glad everyone is back home safe and sound!

  8. Glad the hippie is better, as that dairy is just scary anyway haha. Glad Luna and the scribe are safe and sound, the lady is rather pathetic to say the least too. And the cat plugged the upcoming book today too, just so you know.

    But yeah you know many people don't do a thing today because you either get sued or marked as a pedophile, sad state of affairs.

  9. OLD lady. Must be 40. Well then, I'm so old I might as well be dead. When I was growing up, I thought my parents were elderly. And it's true. They were, compared to other kids' parents. They were about my age when I was a young teen.
    If the OLD lady was too frightened to help, then she should have called the police. We have a kid in our neighborhood who "walks" the family pit bull, which means the pit bull drags the kid around and sometimes the kid is on the ground. The kid laughs and seems to think it's funny, but I don't like it that we have an out of control pit bull running around. However, if I ever saw the pit bull or any other dog actually attacking someone, I'd call for help and then be there with my shovel.
    To dig a grave for the person killed by the dog.

    No! I'm kidding. I'd smack the dog if absolutely necessary.

    Crazy Jane, as my boss used to call me

  10. Man - - - do I know about Huskies running away or what. When our son went away to college, our dog "Indy" (Husky and German Shepherd mix) would run away looking for him. My husband and me were going crazy trying to leash him and to make him stay put, but finally we had to give him away to some one with a huge backyard.
    Check out Tracy's bolg. She has written a very good book about her dog, "Hurricane".

  11. Well, this old lady would help. Our friend's son was attacked by two dogs. 30 bites all over his back.... to this day he can't go near bull dogs. He's fine now otherwise, but still.

    OH, and the dog's owner, her "friend" and neighbor? Couldn't get involved.

    UM, but her home owner's insurance did.... and will be paying for his first year of college.

  12. Elisa, thank you for you comment about Dulcy and Dee's book. I was so worried I wouldn't be able to do it justice that I couldn't write anything for a few days. Then I finally found the words. I'm glad you liked them.
    We had a Siberian Husky/Malamute mix and her shedding, while bad, was nothing like Samson's. And his shedding last year, was nothing like it is this year. Our husky lived to be over 16 years old. She was a wonderful dog. Thanks for stopping by.

  13. This really, really, really old lady wonders if that woman was just scared. Most people aren't very logical, I've found, when they're scared. Or she could tell the dog was never going to hurt her. It's true that so many people don't want to get involved anymore. Afraid of being sued or hurt themselves, I guess. That guy was sure an angel to lend her the leash. So there are always good people around. A great lesson--about choosing who you want to be. :):)

  14. If that is Luna she is gorgeous indeed. She and Lazer would have had beautiful babies. I could write an entire book on Houdidni huskies. (Lazer is our third.) All of ours have been chipped. Still it can be frustrating getting them back when they want to go.

    Did you know that they now have GPS collars for sneaky pups?

  15. The audacity of that woman! I can't believe she'd walk away from a struggling child. Perhaps she has an intense fear of dogs? I'm glad to hear that Luna is back home though safe and sound, along with The Scribe. And hopefully this has taught The Scribe to stand up and help out when we see others in trouble as well.

    Gina (visiting from vB)

  16. Yeah! So glad the Hippie is feeling better and that the diet is helping. I am sure that is making all of you happier. I can't believe the old woman! I can't imagine not helping a child in need. If I thought an animal was attacking a child I would do whatever I could to help. Glad she met a nice person to give her a leash.

  17. How could anyone walk away from a child without checking to see if they needed help??? I'm glad everything turned out the way it did and that Hippie is feeling better!

  18. Dear Elisa, I'm so relieved the everyone is okay: the Scribe, Luna, Sky, Zombie Elf, and Doctor Jones. And you, too, driving that care up and down looking for the Scribe and Luna. I'm so grateful that she meant a kind person willing to help. Peace.

  19. Oh my, I'm an old lady! Sort of off the subject, did you hear about the man who picked up a 5 year old who was walking on the side of a busy road? I don't have many details. But so many people drove by this little boy and it could have been the wrong person to stop. He was being "watched" by an older sibling. I think he felt as if he was being ignored and decided he was going to walk to Grandma's house. I just get goosebumps. The man did all the right things. He called for the police and stayed right there with the boy. He didn't put him in his car to take him anywhere.

  20. Who knows what's up with the old lady...But, when a child needs help, there is no excuse to ignore that poor baby's needs.

  21. Glad to hear that the hippie is feeling better!! xo

  22. What a sweet picture. Indeed they do look alike! I don't have a I look like nothing. No wonder people call me the wrong name so!

  23. That picture is right down scary, those two look so much alike.....Glad to know the Hippie is doing fine, what a mean 'old lady'.....

  24. Awww, poor Scribe! I'm glad she finally found a good person who helped! I'm also so glad that Hippie is doing better! Wahoo!!

  25. Oh, dear! This almost, dangerously close to 60 year old woman would have jumped right in there to help her! Some old ladies are o.k. :)))

  26. Wow! I'm speechless. Who does that? Who walks away when a child (or anyone) is struggling? I guess nobody but the Old lady knows why she reacted the way she did. Perhaps she is living with an immense amount of guilt over it.

  27. oh that breaks my heart! that makes me sad that no one would step in and help. I'm glad she finally found someone that helped.

  28. I like old ladies, hippies & huskies...but not girls who look like huskies.

    This post is a little heartrending. Maybe a lot...~Mary

  29. I'm glad that Hippie is feeling better. I hope things keep looking up and y'all figure out what's specifically wrong with her.

    Seriously - who just watches as a kid wrestles an animal, especially if the kid is in his/her backyard? At least she didn't call the cops on Scribe for trespassing. That would've REALLY made her day bad! :(

  30. P.S. PLEASE tell me you got a pic of Zombie Elf and Luna sound asleep on the trampoline! It sounds like the picture would be too cute for words!