Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My Interview with The Hippie

The Hippie 
(my six-year-old)


"Can you still punch a bee out of the air?" I asked.
"Yes, I know ancient karate, " The Hippie replied.



  1. Bee punching! That sounds like an exercise for the whole karate class. I'll have to have the Hippie give a guest lecture on the subtleties of not being stung by your opponent. She's a dolly of a girl.

  2. Shane she is the best bee puncher in the world! lol She has mad skills that kid!

  3. Hi Elisabeth!

    I'm ashamed at how long it has taken me to get back to you with an answer about my violin. Yes, I did pick it up, played it a little, then it went back up in the closet and never returned back in the world. lol

    Thank you for the sweet comment and thinking about me.

    :) Hope you're doing wonderful!

  4. Kids are so smart. I wish I was a kid again. Tell the hippie that the older you get the more chores you have to do, even for a karate master.