Sunday, March 27, 2011

One Fatal Question

I didn't feel too swift this morning, but at least my husband helped my through.  Thank goodness for his post about little red men.  That man is golden--pure and sweet. 

Anyway, yesterday was my Father-in-law's birthday.  I love that guy.  He's such a nice man.  It cracks me up though because as Cade and I drove from his parent's house yesterday, I remembered the first time I met his dad.

I hadn't know Cade long, when he decided to introduce me to his folks.  As we drove to the city they lived in, I tried hiding my nerves, but inside I burned like the planet of Alderan when Leah watched it explode.  When we got to the house, one of the sweetest women in the world greeted us.  Cade's mom had cooked spaghetti (one of her specialties.)  I loved her from the second I saw her.  That's when Cade's dad spotted me and as Cade and his mother talked, his father said he needed to have a word with me.

Have a word?  Can I just tell you it was terrifying.  Was this the part where I'd ask for his son's hand in marriage?  Why'd the guy need to talk to me?  He led me down a hallway before stepping into his office.

Recording equipment and a few guitars thronged the place.  Some computers sat around, but to a seventeen-year-old like me, I didn't notice much of that; I noticed how the place made me feel.

As I studied Cade's father for the first time, I imagined him as some type of wizard.  Not like this guy though:


Cade's father is awesome.  If he represents a wizard, he's more like this guy or Gandalf from Lord of the Rings:


Maybe he wanted to have a word with me about a quest I must embark on with Cade.  I got chills from the thought; quests are AWESOME!  Is that how Jen felt when he realized he could defeat the Skeksis or how Buttercup felt upon discovering Wesley was alive?

But that was just me being hopeful.  He probably wanted to know what religion I was or if my GPA could get me into a decent college.

So with all that in mind, I practically heard the flapping of dragon's wings.  I sat down and wondered if that chair would become animated.  Cade's dad studied my actions, placed his elbows on his wizardly desk and tapped his fingers thoughtfully.

"You like my son?"

I gulped.  This guy was one tough wizard!  Maybe he seemed like a computer programmer on the outside, but I knew he was a wizard in hiding!  I couldn't gain my breath though.  It was a scary moment in my life.  Sure, I'd only known Cade a week, but I'd already fallen for him.  "Ummm . . . yes, sir."  I thought about adding something about his ultimate wizardly-ness, but changed my mind.  Maybe he wouldn't like it if I knew his secrets of sorcery.

"Well, I need to know something . . .  I'd like you to answer one question."

I blinked.  What could he possibly need to know?  We sat there for a moment longer and that wizard practically saw into my soul.  I folded my arms, hoping that would stave his power.  I wondered what he thought, if he truly saw something about me that I had yet to discover myself.  While thinking about the situation, I saw the twitch of his eyebrows and the way he slightly smiled from my reaction.  That's when I forgot about my own concern and started studying him.  After all, if you're in a sticky situation, it feels better taking the focus from yourself and shoving it onto someone else.

I realized that wizard was probably a very intelligent man, someone talented in anything he put his mind to.  I peered around and this time instead of imagining the workings of an immortal genius, I saw the endeavors of mortal one.  I knew at once, the man sitting before me was not your regular father and that whatever question he asked might show just as much about him as it showed about me.

After the realization hit, I couldn't wait to hear him speak.  I wanted to know what sort of father Cade had.  If The Wizard asked a dumb question, maybe their family wasn't the sort I wanted to marry into!

The Wizard tapped his fingers slowly, and I hung onto his every movement.  "There are three vast unknowns in this life.  I'd like to know . . . what do you think they are?"

So, he'd taken me down the hard road and shown himself as an Intellectual.  I was glad of that.  He'd proven his son's family was a worthy prospect.  Maybe Cade would be "the one" if I could answer the question correctly.

I took my time, thinking about how I must reply.  I could go with a safe bet--show some personality and crack a joke.  I'd landed jobs by using that tactic.  I wondered what three things I could joke about being unknown.  Maybe the fact that when there's a big group of people you never really know who's farted unless you're the perpetrator.  I thought of more things like that and then decided I couldn't take that road--not with an intellectual wizard.  If I said something like that, Cade's father wouldn't want me dating his son.

I breathed deeply and turned serious.  "Well, no matter how much people protest and cling to their faith, no one really knows where we're going.  There are so many true religions and churches out there, but can they all be right?  So, the first thing is . . . where are we going."

He tapped his fingers and I wanted to bite at my nails.  Still he stared at me before nodding with surprised approval.  "Maybe Cade has found himself a smart one.  He hasn't brought many girls here."  The Wizard pulled his arms from the table and leaned into his fancy high-backed chair.  "As for the other two unknowns?"

"If one is 'where are we going,' then the second must be 'where did we come from'."

"Very interesting and I must say that I agree with your reasoning.  But for the hardest of all.  What is the last unknown?"

I really didn't know, but thought the biggest unknown of all . . . was that there was a third unknown or the fact that he still questioned me when I'd already done so well.  As our eyes met, I saw such kindness there, it made me feel like I was hanging out with my very own father.  I smiled then and realized I knew more about The Wizard than I'd expected to discover in those few minutes.  He was an amazing man, but at that moment what he really shone as was a loving father--a man who loved his son and wanted the best for him.  I thought and suddenly knew the third unknown.  It had been right in front of me the whole time I'd tried discovering more about The Wizard as he sought to learn more about me.

"The last unknown . . . it must be one thing."  I pushed my hair behind my ear and sat straight.  "Who am I.  It's 'who am I.'  We're all trying to find ourselves.  I think I know who I am, but honestly I'm still finding out.  I might be doing that for as long as I live."

He smiled.  "Very well said."

Shortly after, we left the office and when it came time that Cade wanted to marry me, The Wizard approved.

I still don't know if I answered the question correctly.  It makes me giggle thinking how nervous I was going into that office.  I'm glad I went though because it showed me something wonderful about Cade's father--my adopted father; he's a kind and caring man; the type of person who makes a perfect grandfather and could be a wizard extraordinaire.  He's a wonderful man and I'm happy he approved of the quest Cade and I embarked upon.  It's a quest called life . . . and as a wise wizard once said, "it has three unknowns."


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  2. Your FIL sounds like a lovely and very wise man... they say that men often 'grow up' to be like their father :) xoxo

  3. I can attest to the fact that he is a great guy, just don't ever let him practice golf in your living room. He'll put holes in the walls, break lights and bend golf clubs all within a matter of minutes.LOL!!

  4. Lovely writing, Elisabeth - and what a great family you sound! (Indoor holes-in-one apart, obviously, Grandma Gertie...)

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  6. WOW ... that was definitely an introduction! I'd be peeing in my pants with fear over that. Good on you for accessing the situation correctly.

    Well done. And I'm glad you know a Wizard when you see one. Makes life much easier!

  7. An amazing encounter! Sounds like he approved of your genetic addition to the gene pool. Great post.
    P.S. Thanks for checking in on my 'Sunshine'!

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  10. I'm glad my FIL never asked me anything like that! I can never come up with the right answers until later :) That's why I'm so bad at interviews!