Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Please pray for my daughter!

*feeling scared*

You know how my son had a diaphragmatic hernia and died? Well, I just found out my four-year-old has a hernia in a different place. She needs a surgery to have the same type of mesh--that my son had--sewn into her abdominal area. I know I should calm down, but I'm scared.

 photo indypray_zps64dcc5b5.jpg
My Gorgeous Princess
(who I sometimes call Doctor Jones)

     So many memories rushed into my mind as the doctor tried to explain hernias and mesh--like I didn't live through all of that already.
    Anyway, long story short, she'll be having a surgery at Primary Children's. Can you pray for my little girl if you have time? 


A Worried Mother


  1. So sorry to hear about this, EC—esp because of the deja vu aspect.
    She'll do fine. . . and so will you. Two friends of mine had the surgeries last year. You might double check the brand of "mesh" used. I've heard there are some inferior ones.

  2. Praying now and will continue. I can't imagine how you all are feeling.

  3. I don't normally pray, but i WILL for Indy & you!!

  4. I am so sorry. How did you find this out? You are both in my prayers.

    1. She went in for strep and the doctor noticed a bulge on her stomach that appeared when she cried.

  5. I'll keep you both in my mind! Sending you lots of good thoughts and much love! <3

  6. Praying as hard as humanly possible for you and your daughter!

  7. Please stay in touch and let me know when the surgery is over. You know I'll pray without ceasing. Darling Indie will be well. I am sure of it, and I am visualizing it.