Saturday, August 9, 2014

A new book and 5 FREE eBooks for 5 whole days!

To celebrate that I have a new book coming out in October *squeal* and another romantic novel slated for the beginning of 2015, I've decided to give away some free eBooks. 

The Sword of Senack 

How to Avoid Having Sex

The Golden Sky

Homeless in Hawaii

Bible Girl & the Bad Boy



Look for "Threaded Dreams" (a compilation of my best short stories) in early October! :)

And now for the picture of the day.
She's a lot stronger than she looks!
 photo 1c6578b7-a85a-44b3-afd6-cb14df1c5b98_zps50c97f28.jpg


  1. I don't know why they stopped, other than seeing the sign.

    Your Mother From Another Planet

  2. Yahoo! Christmas in August. Thanks EC.