Thursday, January 31, 2013

I wrote another book :0)

How many heart attacks can a woman have before her spouse becomes suspicious? Sure, that old standby—the headache—has served both men and women well for years. But aren't you sick of the same old routines? It's time for a change and this guide is the perfect solution. 
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Get ready to discover ten creative (and hilarious) ways to avoid having sex with your partner!

I had so much fun writing this one.


  1. Oh. My. Gawd. I HAVE to have this. When I have my next paycheck, it will be mine. TOO FUNNY!!!

  2. I just ordered your "no sex" book, although at my age it's not really necessary any longer!

  3. We don't have kids so maybe that's why I don't understand the title of the book..."avoid sex"??? My brain does not compute this phrase! ;)

  4. Oh gosh I am scared to think about the content of this one...

  5. Must...not...comment...that wife has already apparently read this.

    Oh well, fail on that one. ;)

  6. Dear Elisa, congratulations on your new book! A wonderful cover and a subject matter that can't fail to capture interest as well as bring forth chuckles from all your readers! Peace.

  7. I love the scene in Knocked Up when the married couple are brushing their teeth and getting ready for bed and the husband asks his wife if she wants sex.
    'I don't know' she says, ' I'm feeling a little constipated. Are you sure you want to'?
    'Well not anymore', he replies.

  8. I'm thinking I really want to order this... much to Tony's disappointment. :)