Friday, January 4, 2013

Have you ever lived in a car?

    Have you ever lived in a car, with a man you hardly knew? (Guys, if you have, we'll understand.) 

    Ever been so cold because the two-door Isuzu's ripped-up seats bit into your arms and back, and you couldn't afford to keep the car running all night?

    Loved someone who just wanted to be friends?

    Have you had to sleep next to said person--IN THE BACK OF A FREEZING CAR?  (Who saw that question coming, right?  YOU should get an award.)
    "Put your arms around me," I wished I could tell Cade because it was flippin' cold--and I wanted him to admit that he liked me as more than a friend.  YET--the man didn't admit anything for months!  And at times, those feelings were less than complimentary.
    We saved up and bought plane tickets to Hawaii.  I thought we'd been through a real adventure in the western states--too bad I had no idea what Hawaii would hold.

    Since my book Homeless in Hawaii just came out, I've been remembering where I was during the months when I was homeless.
 Homeless in Hawaii (The Golden Sky)

   So, in early January, twelve years ago . . . that's where I was.

Where were you twelve years ago? 

    Well, that's it for today.  But I did write a guest post that I'd REALLY like for you to read--if you have time.  Here it is:

Also, a fun review for Best of ECWrites went up this week.  You can read that HERE.


  1. I have lived in a car, yes. For just a couple of weeks, but it was enough to make me grateful for the world.

    Twelve years ago today I was in a abusive marriage, and had just found out I was pregnant. 6 weeks later I would lose that pregnancy.

    Thank you for your openness. Sometimes we have lives that people know nothing about. xo

  2. I haven't lived in a car; but I've slept in a car more than once--in the mountains of Vermont and the in the Rockies too; and I wasn't camping. No fun.

  3. I've never lived in a car, & for that I'm grateful! Twelve years ago, my life was just about the same as it is now--& for that, I'm EVEN MORE grateful!

  4. I have never been homeless, I think living in a car counts as homeless. Twelve years ago I was working for a vehicle breakdown organisation, unmarried and living in a rented apartment.

  5. I can't say I've ever lived in a car. My life is pretty boring. Twelve years ago I was married and living in a mansion. Now I'm divorced and living in a hovel. I like the hovel better. I'm grateful Cade finally figured out that the two of you were meant to be more than friends.


  6. Nope. Never lived in a life has been pretty vanilla and I'm thankful I've always had a roof over my head. Now if I can just figure out how to make said roof feel more like "home".

  7. Nope never lived in a car, my crap apartment is close though.

  8. No I have never lived in a car me I went from living with my parents to living with my husband and never in a car. We may not have had much money but we did ok.........You have had such an interesting and exciting life mine has been pretty hum drum

  9. No, didn't live in a car but went without food for three days so i could pay the rent in my unfurnished (with not even a bed) apartment. Ah, those were the days...Twelve years ago I was here, working in an animal hospital while finishing my degree, so things have changed a little, but that's life, right?

  10. Twelve years ago I was in the seventh grade. Damn, I feel old. I remember when being thirteen was just a few years ago, not a decade+.

  11. I went there and read your story and I so hope many aspiring and perhaps frustrated writers will go there and read it also. Have you posted it here? If not, you really should. It is so inspiring.

  12. Twelve years ago, I was probably sitting behind my computer trying to get everything in order for taxes.

    I remember reading what you quoted in Homeless in Hawaii. From the comments on my review, I believe at least some others were going to read your book, also. Just purchased The Best of EC Writes.

  13. Ha, well I just finished Bible Girl, so this post will be a good warm up until I get to Homeless in Hawaii.

    Twelve years ago? I was a new dad of one and trying to figure out what happened to my free time. Little did I know what life was like for parents of three kids (a few years later).