Friday, August 10, 2012

Why is it so hard to start homework?

If there's one thing that makes me feel like an idiot, it's doing homework with my kids.  "What's 8 times 12?" The Hippie asked.
    What the Hell?  Our nation goes into recession and suddenly third graders have to know times tables up to twelve!  This IS NOT helping the recession.  Poor, hardworking parents--just making it by--have to worry about putting food on the table AND looking like idiots in front of their kids.  I've stayed up nights studying.  I can't even remember half of the math problems I used to know.

    After doing homework--for hours--I took the kids to the movie store so they could get a real education. I counted my cash wrong and the clerk tapped his fingers on the counter.  "You're a dollar short," he said.
    I'd battled my own self-worth until I couldn't count ones correctly.  "I'm sorry." I smiled, hiding my pain and handing him another dollar.  "Every time I've had a baby I've lost a fourth of my brain."  Then I threw in some math skills--just to feel competent. "I've had five kids--you do the math.  Now I'm in the negative."
    "That isn't true," The Hippie said to me and the clerk.
    "Sure it is," the clerk said without missing a beat as he turned to my daughter. "Where do you think your brain came from?"
    Thank God for the movie store.  I told you that's the best place for kids to get an education!
    So if you're a kid reading this and you googled "Why is it so hard to start homework?"  The answer is, because it's painful, but you have to do it--so you can be witty like the clerk at the movie store.  Seriously, awesomeness does exist and the man just proved it.

Onto other news, Wayman Publishing has a Facebook page.  But they need likes.  If you have a chance can you like their page because it'll bring good karma your way--honestly it's worth a shot!

In closing, I'm trying to amass my army--well not really but that sounded cool.
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  1. I would use the excuse of having kids, but I know I'm just bad at math lol. I will definitely like Wayman Pub. I need all the good juju I can get :).

    Also I will have to check out your blog fest. I have been query hoping on WriteOnCon so I just happen to see you post this.

  2. I get out of it with my oldest because his answer is always predictably the same.

    "Dad, I can't figure this answer out. "

    "Are you guessing or did you actually do the work."


    "Do the work!" (so I don't have to :)

  3. Doing homework with my children is the thing I DON'T miss the most! :)

  4. You have to plan ahead for these things! I hate math--Bud is the mathemagician in our family--& yes, I meant mathemagician.

  5. I think kids get too much homework these days. It's the way teachers punish parents for sending their children to school.


  6. Yes homework should be fun for kids not a headache for parents.

  7. I'm so bad at math. Which is why I majored in English and took Math Appreciation as an elective...that's right...Math. Appreciation. Liked them on FB and excited about the blog fest!

  8. Math was always my best subject, but when it comest to passing that information on to my son I've seem to hit a road block. It's horrile, frustrating and all kinds of ugly things and I am so not looking forward to it in another week. I am looking into help since his tutor dumped us last year. :( I agree, we want our kids to be smart and witty like the video store clerk. Or better yet, smarter!

  9. I shall take a gander...

    Don't you just love when entertaining witty people appear just when you need them? Happens to me at Walmart all the time....

    ...course most of them also end up on the You Tube video as well.

  10. You for sure don't lack anything in the funny/witty department. As a matter of fact, I thought about you this morning as I tried to be funny about my teeth that I thought I had lost down the drain. I so know you would have made it a great introduction to my post. Me? Not so much!

  11. Gah! Homework! The bane of my existence despite loving school all those years. Especially my sixth and final year of college. All I wanted to do was get the hell out of there and they were making it too hard!

    As for math, I think some people are just gifted with it. My dad was able to help me with my math homework and my mom wasn't. Dad probably could've helped my brothers but one was too busy with baseball the hours my dad was awake and the other one hated school and refused to do any homework. So there was just me :)

  12. I LOVE when random people go along with your silliness instead of just standing there staring at you like you just grew a tail...out of your nose.

  13. Somehow, piling on the homework is supposed to help students learn more...or so the administration thinks. Soon, Elisa, your sweeties will be able to help you with the math:)

  14. It times like that when I'm so very happy our kids aren't in school anymore.