Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Brother's First Book Came Out Today!!!

I'm so proud of Shane.  Yahoo!

Here's my review of Middle Damned--which just came out today and is amazing:

An action-packed book that I couldn't put down. Not only did this draw me in with the steampunk afterlife ideas, I felt so part of the characters' journeys and relationships as if living in the strange world Stilson so skillfully created. The sections with the two brothers were perfectly written, interweaving conflict and bonds transcending even death. This is a book I'll never forget. 

The book can be found at these three locations:

Physical Book

For more info about Shane, please go here 

On a side note, I can be found at these two places today.

Guest Post at Another Author
Author Interview & Book Feature at Books are Magic


  1. Congrats to Shane. The Amazon reviews are great.

  2. Congrats to your brother Elisa. And, let me declare that the spirited debates can now begin as to who is the most talented writer in the family.

  3. Way to go Shane. Another one to add to my reading list. :)

  4. Just bought Shane's book--can't wait to read it!! LOVED the guest post about your nieces!!

  5. Sorry it's taking me forever to get over here. I think I'm saving enough energy to read about one blog post every five hours, these days. Can't wait to read the book though!

  6. Congrats to Shane. You must be very proud of your brother. I will now take a look at the guest post you wrote.

  7. Congrats indeed, two writers in the family now!

  8. Based on the summary, doesn't entirely sound like my cup of tea but that's OK. I might eventually buy the book anyway. Congrats Shane!

  9. Wow. That's fantastic news. Congratulations Shane. I'll be putting your book on my must-have list. Way to go!