Thursday, August 9, 2012

What Do Women Talk About When Guys Aren't Around

Me: "You don't swallow gum. When you're done with it, you throw it in the garbage. You don't put it on the wall--in your sister's hair--on the dog! You throw gum in the garbage! So what do you do?"
    My son: "I poop a lot." 
    Great . . .

I remember another silly gum story from last year.  But before you watch it, let me give you some info.
Melynda (on the left) has been battling diabetes and now complete loss of her eyesight. Any support we can show her would be so appreciated.  She's such an awesome, strong, amazing woman!
For more info about that, go HERE.

And now, the video. 
"Gum and Hell"


  1. I can't see a pack of Juicy Fruit the same way again! I also swallow my gum if I have nowhere to throw it away. I even swallowed my friend's gum because we were going on the Gravatron at the carnival and she couldn't swallow it. We were afraid that the gravity would pull the gum to the back of her throat and she'd choke to death before the ride was I swallowed it for her!

    1. That's really rather strange, Maggie, but I love you.

  2. LMAO wow so much I never considered about gum. I just chuck it in the trash and be done with it, the poor dog already had glue can't have gum too haha

  3. I'm all about sharing. Just stick that gum under the table for the next person who comes along. :)

  4. Now that my crappy 3G connection has finally let the video load...

    (looks down at desk drawer and the pack of Juicy Fruit sitting in it and sighs.)

    Oh well, at least it's not Zebra gum. :)

  5. I have seen behind the curtain and I will never be the same, lol. And I died laughing when you said spearmint was for the good people cause it's all I chew, so yeah we will go with that, just a good person here chewing on some spearmint.... :)

  6. OMG- Condoms and gum?

    Years ago I was forced to work next to a woman who chewed gum all day and smacked it so loudly I was so traumatized by the experience to the point that no one in my family has ever chewed gum around me.

    It's interesting though that if I were ever to chew gum my choice woulda been cinnamon Trident. I guess that just shows my wild side.

  7. Oh I remember this day well! lol What are you doing crazy lady? Thank you for doing this. Diabetes is such a well known disease that it is often overlooked. The long term devastating effects of this disease are debilitating, costly and is a slow road to death. People should be aware of this.

  8. Gum and condoms. Gum and condoms. I don't like either one. I wasn't allowed to chew gum or have used condoms when I was a child, so now I'm grossed out by both. I wish I were there with you, laughing about gum and condoms. I'm so jealous.