Saturday, March 8, 2014

I have a confession . . .

Ya know how I said I wouldn't get in a serious relationship for a year?
Well--get ready for a buffer--I always meet my goals, stick to my word, and try my hardest.

~When I said I'd blog every day for a year straight, I did. 

~When I said I'd lose 60 lbs. after having my first daughter, I lost the weight in a few short months. 

~When I said I'd write three books in a year--I did. 

~I pushed and got my Associate degree in record time.

~Once--when I really wanted a coffee, I got one. Errr--okay, that wasn't impressive...
...BUT you get the point!

I pride myself on making goals and meeting deadlines.

Now though, I don't think I can meet my new goal--to stay out of a serious relationship for a year--'cause I met someone so wonderful that I'm actually willing to bend the rules for him... And that alone tells me more than anything. 

    So, this is Mr. Italy.  (Cliff Note: He's part Italian just like me--thus the name--awesome, right!)
 photo mike1_zpsec361a1e.jpg
Check out that smile on Dr. Jones' face!

Dating is like skydiving. It's hard jumping out of that plane, but if you have the guts, it can be AMAZING!