Saturday, October 23, 2021


 “It’s like watching Thumper—or some woodland creature—get cancer. I just feel so bad, and I don’t know what to do for you. No one wants to see a cute, innocent bunny with cancer.” My friend literally said this to me earlier this week, and I am flummoxed.

No. 1 — I am a certified bada$$. Was she seriously comparing me…to Thumper?

No. 2 — Thumper is a boy.

No. 3 — I want to be an awesome predator—not a “cute”…pansy-ish woodland creature. BUT I have to admit that (hanging in my bedroom) I have a painting of bunnies battling a storm. There’s just something romantic and inspiring about their tenacity. I spotted the painting at Goodwill almost a decade ago and HAD to buy it. 

I want that tenacity. I want to persevere like those fearless bunnies. Even when failure is guaranteed—I WANT to embody that kind of moxie.

No. 4 — While I sorta hated this “woodland creature” conversation, I am glad it reminded me of my aspirations. 

So, as I woke up today and looked at the painting on my wall, I had to smirk. 

Bring on the storm. Even if I AM a bunny, I’m gonna face this head-on with a determination that would make even Captain Ahab envious! Bam! 🤣 Take that, Thumper! 

(Viewer discretion advised: Aggressive picture attached.)


  1. You would be a badass Thumper.............

  2. I don't know who Thumper is, but I'm definitely sure he ain't you -- or you ain't him. This is the second time I read about weird and inappropriate words directed at you. Do you think it may be because these people are so terrified of cancer, of getting cancer themselves, they just don't know how to be and behave and speak around someone who alreday has cancer? But then we are all grownups and grownups really need to have some filters in place.`And did you say friends of yours?

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