Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Soul Worth Bidding For

 It’s strange, but it’s been several years since I’ve visited the cattle auction in Blackfoot, and I’m still thinking about it. Don’t get me wrong; I don’t want to be a vegetarian—mainly because I like steak—but I am swayed by how the cattle looked as they entered the ring. It just reminded me so much of death. 

Let’s face it; we know where most of those cattle are going. It’s not pretty or glamorous. Period. Until you imagine some fancy couple in an extravagant restaurant, drinking champagne and eating…beef. 

When I write that it reminded me of death, it’s more than just slaughterhouses. That auction is probably what the afterlife is like. 

I know I wrote about this previously (in a silly way), but I’m serious now. What if when we die we pass in front of God, and He simply decides if we’re worth paying the price for, to go to Heaven.

Either way, as people spent thousands upon thousands of dollars at the cattle auction—and a cow literally pooped about three feet from my face, it was more than the smell of cow patties that freaked me out. 

I guess, the cattle auction made me want to live differently. I want to be a person God would bet on, bid for, and want to hang out with.

What does it take to be worth a high bid...worth going to Heaven?  

As I watched a final cow hardly go for anything, I stood from the stands and left—honestly feeling bad its life hadn’t been worth a little more.


  1. Exactly! Am I ready? Am I doing everything possible to marit eternal life? Am I an example? I desperately need to change my ways because I want to be beautiful from inside out and I want to be glowing so that not human beings find me worthy but the God almighty the alpha and the omega. Yes I want to be ready!