Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Elisa’s Surgery

From Mike, just an update on my wife's surgery today...

I just got off the phone with the surgeon. He said things went extremely well! She is awake and the breathing tube is out, but she is still pretty well under anesthesia still and wont be really coherent for conversation or be able to remember any conversation for another hour or two. She probably won't be back up to Huntsman until 5ish and they will come check on her later on tonight as well as tomorrow morning to make sure she's still doing all right. She has a "drain" in her back to protect the nerves from whatever small bleeding will happening around the spine and that will be removed, at her bedside, in the next day or two. So as of right now, no more surgeries are planned!

So briefly, what they did was fuse the spine from L1-L5, removed the tumor and most of the infected bone in the L3 vertabrae and put a "cage" in its place, relieving the pressure from her nerves. 

Still a road ahead but after she's healed from the surgery, the pain should be pretty reduced and she should have feeling back in her leg hopefully increasing her mobility. Next step is meeting with the Melanoma specialist hopefully friday or early next week. For now "the patient is resting."

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