Saturday, November 7, 2020

An Update About Elisa

Hi, everyone. I figured I'd put out an update on my wife now that we kind of have a plan. After scans and biopsies, she has stage 4 Melanoma. We are currently waiting on results for a "B-raff"(?) Mutation in the melanoma which makes it respond well to immunotherapy,  but if it doesn't have that it is much more difficult to treat. She is still in the hospital while they are trying to manage her pain in a way she can be released and be comfortable which has been a challenge. We have an appointment on monday morning to see the surgical team and talk about the surgery to relieve some of the compression of the nerves in her spine, but it sounds like a high risk surgery. We also have an appointment on Thursday with a melanoma specialist to go over the best course of treatment going forward. Oncology/Radiation appointment to be determined based on if/when surgery will be performed. We are looking down a long road to travel and we are hopeful for the best outcome.

Thank you all for the love, support, generosity and good thoughts/prayers/hope you are all sending our family. Everyone has been amazing and we love you all.

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