Friday, January 6, 2017

I got to ride in the back of a cop car PART I

Let it be known that yesterday--at approximately 9am--I got to ride in the back of a cop car.
    I'd like to be nosy and ask if YOU'VE ever been in a cop car....

    But that's rude. So, back to MY story.
    Yesterday--at approximately 7:15am, my car started overheating.  
    #1 How can a car overheat when it is 20 below zero?!
    #2 Why me?
    #3 Today my dishwasher broke; what will be next? This crap comes in 3s, right?

     Anyway, I was almost to work, less than two blocks away, when suddenly--my "hot car" as I'd like to call it--rumbled to a stop.      
    "Weird, after driving it on high heat for 10 mins.," my husband said.  Ya know, every freakin' day he must be thankful for me.  It's not boring.
     So I sputtered to a stop, and that car gave up the ghost.
     A nice man pulled up behind me and I freaked out momentarily.  He hadn't even stepped from his car, but I could imagine what he did in the quiet of his home, probably found desperate break-downs, then invited them over for dinner...asked them to stay. When they politely declined, he'd lock them in his basement!
     But reality is never quite as scary as I imagine.  I swear, I'm 33 and my imagine is ridiculous.  Shouldn't I have outgrown that at some point?  So out steps this man--my rescuer and all.  And he's not a beady-eyed serial killer. Instead....
    "Phil!" I said.  "I haven't jammed with you forever."  He's a badass really.  He plays the harmonica like you wouldn't believe--and he makes an amazing mocha.  
    He ended up helping me push my car off the road into some random snowbank by the university here in town.  Then, that musical angel even drove me to work.
    "You gonna come to the coffee shop and jam soon?" he asked.
    "Hell, I better!  I owe you.  Phil, you did your good deed for the year--and to think--the year JUST started."
     What can I say, every person I've met who plays the harmonica is pure gold, really.
     So I walked into the building, and less than an hour later, guess who called me?  The sheriff's department!  Some people are pretty great at overreacting; that female cop, was one of 'em.

To be continued...  :)