Thursday, May 16, 2013

We ran into a crocodile in Mexico!

Here are some pictures from our vacation.  Tomorrow, I'll write about a fisherman in Puerto Vallarta who blessed my life.

 photo DSC_0048_zps4349d9d2.jpg 
Top Row: Cade, Me, My Mom, My Dad
Middle Row: The Hippie, The Scribe
Bottom Row: Dr. Jones, The Zombie Elf  
Before breakfast at the resort.
 photo DSC_0065_zps5df8f411.jpg 
 photo DSC_0073_zpsb188a1c3.jpg 
Yep, my mom put her glasses on the Zombie Elf. He's a ham!

A crocodile we saw.  photo DSC_0129_zps31586629.jpg 
See it down below? 
It heard the baby crying and swam right over to us!~
 photo DSC_0135_zpse03c4c68.jpg 
These statues at the Grand Mayan in Puerto Nuevo were well over fifty feet tall. I LOVED this--it made me realize how small my problems really are.
 photo DSC_0139_zps0a13d535.jpg
 photo DSC_0175_zps41a3edd4.jpg
 photo DSC_0267_zps549ed6a9.jpg
Doctor Jones
 photo DSC_0379_zpsa2cf6b32.jpg

 photo 9eca1844-faef-4893-aafc-577728d5a842_zps5dc4f0a0.jpg
The Scribe took this of my new dress from downtown Puerto Vallarta
It had chocolate stains on it, so I got it for 1/2 price!  
Yahoo for chocolate.  Too bad all of the stains didn't come out--they're pretty hard to see though.
 photo 06ee4688-c106-45fb-9e1d-8cfb4dfbed98_zps4aeed3c7.jpg 
I'll be writing more about this tomorrow.   
Wait 'til you see what else my dad and I caught!
 photo DSC_0619_zpsc8f7e9f4.jpg
The Scribe caught a lizard. No wonder she's friends with all the boys at school!
 photo DSC_0422_zps0d15a924.jpg
 photo DSC_0434_zpsd1a83c8b.jpg

 photo ddb19c6f-ef2a-49a9-af9f-564ab9f8034d_zps525d40ec.jpg 
Cade and the babies are so much fun!
I'll write about the fisherman tomorrow. Have a great night. 


  1. I could not see any chocolate stains. Hey a good deal is a good deal.
    Those statues are neat.
    The Crocodile must have been scary to be there right under that bridge.

  2. looks like an amazing time! I have yet to see a crocodile.

  3. Looks like a grand time was surely had indeed down at the mexico feed and a crocodile beats a chupacabra ha!

  4. Your kids are positively beautiful. It really looks like you guys had fun. Heading down there myself next month, can't hardly wait.
    p.s. I didn't see any chocolate stains either...:)

  5. Did you get to the Lepe gallery?

  6. Now those are terrific pictures. It looks like it was a wonderful vacation. Ahhh, Mexico!

  7. The Scribe can come to my house and catch all the lizards she wants. You look so pretty in your new dress and so sweet with Cade.


  8. Dear Elisa, thanks for sharing these vivid and fun-filled photographs with us. I'm so glad that you and your family were able to enjoy your vacation in Mexico and to have such a great time with your children and you mom and dad. Peace.

  9. You could be a model! Your kids are growing so fast. Glad your folks made the trip with you. I bet they had a blast!

  10. Looks like you all had a bloody good time, crocodiles you can have for yourself

  11. What an amazing vacation! It looks like you and your family had a blast, and look at that crocodile!