Friday, November 2, 2012

Pictures of the Hippie and the Scribe

The Scribe is growing up.
My very blonde Hippie saw herself in the mirror on Halloween and said, "Oh my . . . you've turned me into a black-head!"

On Halloween, I promptly sent both of these pictures to their grandmother. The Hippie--who's all about technology AND her grandma--breathlessly read the response on my phone.

You look like Cleopatra, the Queen of the Nile!
She was very famous and was the Queen of her country--Egypt.
She ruled without a king for many years!

Hope you get lots of good candy tonight.

    Right after that, the Hippie tucked her long black hair over her shoulders. She visibly transformed into a ruler--an empress. A group of unfortunate families knocked. The Hippie swung open the door and leered at those peasants.
    "Hello," she swept her jeweled hand through the air and bowed. "What may I do for you?" She pointed at each of them.
    "Ummm. We're here for some candy?"
    "Trick or Treat?" another kid said, nearly quivering in the face of Cleo's glory.
    "Yes," the Hippie said. "I guess I will give you some candy THIS time."
    One of the parents suddenly asked, "Who are you anyway?"
    The Hippie looked right into his eyes, still giving out candy since queens can multitask, and said to that bulky man, "Why, I'm Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt. And I ruled for many years without a man."  
    His face paled--for he knew asking such a question must have been sinful. As soon as they'd collected their candy penance, they scurried down the stairs and never came back.

    In other news, for a hilarious post about shoe porn, please go HERE.

    Also, I'm going to be in two more anthologies this holiday season. I'm pretty excited.

   Isn't this cover beautiful?

More info coming soon.


  1. Great costumes indeed, I would not mess with Cleopatra, might lop off my head haha another anthology too, congrats to you.

  2. Does the Scribe look just like you? And does the Hippie know that Cleopatra carried a Ball Python as a bracelet around her arm (yes, that's a snake)? After just reading a post about a bunch of depressed socks in a sock drawer, I don't know if I can handle shoe porn right now.

  3. Love you--& ALL your gorgeous (& clever) kids!! After all, I AM their honorary grandma!!

  4. Your daughters are stunning!! I hope you all had a Happy Halloween.

  5. That cover is beautiful and thank you for the link. Cleo is my kind of queen.


  6. Lord they are getting big. You know, with determination like that, the Hippie could end up being president.

  7. Dear Elisa, I agree with Juli--"Hippie for president" and the Scribe for "Oscar winner for her latest movie!!!!" Peace.

  8. Yes!!! I love it! And I love how you describe everything. You paint the picture so well it's hard not to feel like you're there watching the whole thing go down.
    Your girls are so beautiful, just like Mama.