Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I Suffer From Compression

    I'm feeling really sick today, so I thought I'd repost one of my favorite stories from January.  Here it is:
    Unfortunately, I have the stomach flu today. I've probably been fighting it off for a few days because sleep seems too fleeting and blogging has nearly killed me with headaches. But I'm almost to my 365 day straight goal and I can't quit now.

    In the middle of the night I took some medicine and after going to sleep, I had THE WEIRDEST dream. I've had some strange ones lately, but this took the cake.
    A little man stood in front of me. "What you suffer from, my dear, is compression."
    "Excuse me?" I said.
    "Compression," he cleared his throat. "Everyone talks about depression. Well who cares if you're feeling a little lower than normal. Compression is what you need to be worried about."
    In my dream I just gawked at him and even thought to myself, I'm never taking cold medicine again.
    "Assuming you aren't completely nutty," I said. "What is compression?"
    "I'd worried about that."
    "That you'd be as dumb as you look. Compression is far worse than depression. You feel as if everything is closing in. Too many worries; too much on your plate until you feel out of control . . ."  He straightened his back, proud of himself.  "Compression."
    "And how am I supposed to fix this, oh mighty, SHORT one."
    "Simple," he smiled. "Become unpressed."
    "Like a shirt that hasn't been ironed?! Oh this is rich."
    "Laugh all you want," he said. "But there comes a time in everyone's lives where they can't do everything. Choices must be made. Things must be cut from you life, or you'll stay compressed FOREVER, until implosion occurs."
    With that he vanished and I woke up sweating. The Scribe brought me a thermometer because it was morning and she'd apparently been hovering over me for awhile. "What's your temperature," she asked me after I checked.
    "102.2," I said. "This whole thing is making me feel so tired . . . And utterly compressed."
    "What does that mean?" she asked.
    I just looked at her. "it's hard to explain, but some day I'm sure you'll understand."
    "Are you really going to write a blog today?"
    "Yes." I nodded. "I've almost blogged for a year straight, and I'm not going to mess this up now.  Compression, sickness or not, when I set a goal, I accomplish it or die trying."


  1. I'm with you .. cronic compression and all ;)

  2. Dear Elisa, I, too, have known the stress of compression! And the prescription is to stop what you've been doing and to take to your bed. Have someone close by to bring you liquids and to sing to you. And then sleep, sleep, sleep, perhaps to dream again.

    And by the way, the cover for "Homeless in Hawaii" is gorgeous. On her blog today, Janie said that she was grateftul that she'd gotten to edit four books this year and "Homeless" was one of them. I'm glad you're working with her because she brings a good eye to what works. Peace.

    1. Dee, It's been a long hard day, but now I have happy tears in my eyes. Thank you.


  3. A great post, its just a shame that you are feeling unwell, here's hoping you are feeling well soon.

  4. haha still as fun as the last time. Blah to the sickness too. As said stop everything and rest, at least as much as you can with four kids haha.

  5. Oh my I know what you are feeling i've been so closed up for some time . Take it easy. I love the post you are a wicked funny blogger thanks for the post. PEACE AND LUV AND HUGS TO YOU GET WELL SOON >>> YOU ROCK :))

  6. And the Dr. said it wasn't real... now I can tell him how wrong he was. Feel better kiddo.

  7. Loved the post then & I love it now! FEEL BETTER SOON!!!!

  8. I must use that someday when I am ill: compressed.

    You are utterly brilliant (and beautiful as well).

  9. You might as well accept the fact that you are going to be compressed until you give up and die. I've been compressed for 32 1/2 years. Guess who is that old? And no, I don't mean Cade. I hope you're better in time for a turkey feast.


  10. Wow some dream and you remember it in detail. I hope you will be taking a well deserved blogging break when you reach your goal. Happy Thanksgiving.

  11. I almost read this~ I suffer from compassion....which you do, so....