Wednesday, March 9, 2022

A Man for All Seasons and Dreams about Sir Thomas More

 Rambling, thoughtful post:

At the age of 15, I started having the strangest dreams about Sir Thomas More. I’d ask him the weirdest questions and he’d offer even more peculiar answers. I’d recently read “Utopia” and filmed a 5-minute home video about Henry VIII for AP history. Yet, I’m still not sure exactly why I dreamed about this man….

My dream book states that every “living” being in our dreams is simply an aspect of ourselves that we’re trying to understand. But why would I dream about a man who died for his convictions?

It’s interesting that I would remember the dreams during this time in my life. So, I’ve picked up the play “A Man for All Seasons,” and I’m really excited to see how it answers the questions: “What/who am I?” And “What is man?” I find it so important to understand exactly where I start and end (or what I’d like to be on this earth anyway). Although I think I know this answer, I’ve decided to dissect it a bit more and quit “floating through life,” working and breathing without pondering these important questions. If my time is to be shortened—and the doctors say there is no doubt—I MUST understand exactly what I can do and what I’d actually like to accomplish during my time here. 

Remember how a writing “friend” said they wished I’d done more with my life? As ridiculous as I’ve come to view this statement—because it’s a prideful thing to say—it did make me wonder: What gives my life meaning in MY eyes? 

Over the next several weeks, I plan to think of five moments when I really felt of value—and to write about them in my diary. I’m hoping this exercise will display (for me) what I think is truly important. Success—like beauty—is in the eye of the beholder. Yet, I wonder if value is the same for most; maybe it boils down to giving and receiving love? Or is value different for each person with concepts that can be sorted into different buckets?! 

If you were to think of moments when you felt of the most value, I wonder which types of experiences YOU would choose? 

Anyway, I’m done being sad about my new tumor. Now, I’m just excited to continue on this journey called life. #bringit #whatami #SirThomasMore #AManForAllSeasons


  1. That former friend of yours should learn how to think before she ever speaks again! To me, it's about love, kindness, being thoughful and helpful, and again, love. That's where the value lies, to me. Not specific moment, more a stream of moments throughout life. That said, I'm sure thinking about a specific moment can make us feel good and happy all over again.

  2. We all try to live the best life, and do as much as possible with the life we have