Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness--I NEED Your Help!

I'm at a crossroads.  Standing on the beaten path.  And suddenly I have this strong desire to do something wonderful.
But I need your help!  
    See, I've been writing about some pretty amazing things that have happened to me.  

   Why do these acts of kindness mean so much that I keep writing about them?  Well in 2003, after my son died, Cade lost hope in humanity.  He didn't take his pain out on God, or life, or hospital staff.  He took it out on everyone else, not wanting to trust a soul, guarding himself from strangers.
    But since The Golden Sky came out--the story of our son's life and death--Cade has seen the selfless generosity of many people.  And I've watched Cade change.  This means more to me than almost anything--that your kindness has helped Cade heal.
    Well, last week it happened again--a miracle.  An amazing person read my blog (this post to be exact: If you've ever read my blog, please read this post.)  and decided to anonymously send Wayman Publishing an iPad Mini for the giveaway!  Cade and I were initially funding this giveaway (trying to help Wayman's authors gain exposure and succeed) nonetheless stressed, wondering how we'd afford the prize.  Then to get an iPad Mini in the mail. . .  It was a tremendous answer to prayer.  And after God didn't heal Zeke, I've often wondered if He hears my prayers at all. . . .
    So, how could I possibly thank someone for this?  How?  Especially someone who wanted to remain anonymous.  I think I've found a way.

Random Acts of Kindness Blogfest  

Feel free to join up anytime from May 27th-31st.  Just sign up at the bottom of this post, then write a blogpost about a random act of kindness that you've experienced in your life. 
    For the blogfest, you can write something for any/all days

Also, as a Random Act of Kindness, Wayman Publishing is offering these eBooks for FREE download during the Blogfest (May 27th - 31st).


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Buy any of Wayman Publishing's books/eBooks—the FREE eBooks (above) included—and be entered into our iPad Mini Sweepstakes! Visit this link for more info: ow.ly/jsQVv  

Here's the button for the blogfest:
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    After the blogfest (if participating authors are interested and posts are approved) Wayman Publishing would like to publish an anthology from the posts written during this blogfest.  ALL profit for this (through 2013) will be donated to charity!  The kindness will spread even more.

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