Thursday, April 11, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness Week #2 -- Little Caesars Harlem Shake

Random Acts of Kindness Week #2

It all started on Wednesday. That was one of the best days of my life.  Wayman Publishing was featured on many websites including CBS, ABC, and FOX News.  I just sat at my kitchen table, completely floored.  I work so hard for Wayman, hardly making anything, and suddenly it's starting to succeed!  I kept visiting the websites, speechless.
   Well, I finally decided to take a break and check the mail--guess what was in my mailbox?  Look!

After getting this, I couldn't control my excitement anymore.  I bawled, so overwhelmed with gratitude for life, for kind people--for you. I still have no idea who sent this, but it means the world to me.
    Even though it was for our clunker (that I wrote about HERE), I couldn't keep the money.  I instantly decided to pay it forward.

Recap: I've vowed to do a random act of kindness (and write about it) once a week until the end of May--when the R.A.K. Blogfest starts

Well, this is what I did today with the generous, anonymous gift.

In northern Utah there's a man who makes everyone smile.  Ray, better known as the "Little Caesars Dancing Man," works tirelessly, always happy, always kind to strangers.  
    And he's quite talented too.

He spins the sign on his foot.

He spins it on his head.

And no matter what kind of crappy mood I may be in, this stranger always makes my day better whether he's waving or smiling at me and my kids.  
    I remembered a day not too long ago, when I'd just been to get a blood sugar meter.  I was terrified after seeing the doctor, because apparently I'm a pansy.  Anyway as I drove back home, I saw the Little Caesars Dancing Man rockin' away.  The light turned red and I watched him--his exuberance for life lightened my burden.  I felt better from his random kindness.  And I realized, he's kind 24-7 even though he's out there working in the blistering sun, and that man needs to know he's appreciated.
    So today the kids and I went to where he dances.  I met Ray in person, even shook his hand and got a picture with the awesome guy!
 photo a5ba8a9b-cb26-4ba3-98b1-2de4679c0bfd_zps7337427f.jpg
I told him about what an inspiration he is--how he might not know it, but he makes life better every day for people like me and my family.  I gave him the $20 from anonymous and asked him to pay it forward. After that we talked for a minute and he showed me this video that was just posted on youtube by another fan of his.

So, I had another great day, almost as great as Wednesday. I hope Ray had a great day too.

In closing, my big radio interview is Friday night (4/12)I'll be talking about infant loss, love, redemption and hope.  I'm praying that someone will hear my story and see that even if they're going through a hard time, God is still there for them.
Here's that info:
Join EC Stilson April 12th, 2013 at 8:30 PM Eastern Standard Time Zone on Triangle Variety Radio. Patrick Walter's interview will last for 1(one) hour here: