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"Praise for EC Stilson's Books"

"Homeless in Hawaii" captured my heart on page one! The true story of Elisa and Cade's adventure in paradise is one of truth, acceptance, and the strength of the human spirit. At some point in life we all yearn to throw caution to the wind and embark on a spiritual journey of self-discovery. Author, E.C. Stilson so effortlessly leads her readers through the trials and tribulations of a young woman coming of age in an unfamiliar land. The literary style is descriptive, intelligent, and at times downright hysterical! I could actually hear the Celtic music they played together on the Waikiki strip, feel the desolation of Homeless Park, and experience the utter joy of finding your true soul-mate.
    Running from the demons of a tumultuous past will inevitably lead to one stark reality... that you carry your blues wherever you go. It is only through love, music, and friendship that we may persevere and become the people we are supposed to become. These are only some of the many inspiring realizations that I walked away with after reading this amazing book. If you are searching for an enlightening tale to scratch an intellectual itch, "Homeless in Hawaii" will not disappoint. I literally could not put it down. Bravo, Elisa~

Peter Greyson
Author of "Dear Lilly"

EC Stilson has opened her heart and life to us through the "entries" in this book.  She takes us step by step through the joys, challenges and heartbreaks of being a wife and mother. It is a powerful message of hope, not only to those who have lost a baby born with defects, but to everyone who has had their dreams shattered and had to find a way to put life together again.
-Bob Deits
author of “Life after Loss.”

EC Stilson’s The Golden Sky is one of the most beautiful books I have read in a long time.  Perhaps the word “beautiful” seems an odd choice given that the book journals the details of the death of her baby boy and it’s aftermath—but it’s not just a book about that terrible loss.  It is a testament to courage, it is poignant and honest, it is funny and it is sad. Ultimately it is a story of transformation, growth and healing—of herself, her marriage, her family and her relationship with God.  EC’s style of writing is conversational and captivating, and with each turn of the page this book will touch your heart.
Pamela D. Blair, Ph.D. Co-Author of the best selling classic, "I Wasn’t Ready to Say Goodbye: Surviving, Coping and Healing After the Sudden Loss of a Loved One"

Stilson truly has a gift for writing, being able to take what might otherwise be mundane events from her life and turning them into an engrossing story that keeps one turning page after page.
-Rick Gualtieri
Author of Bill The Vampire (The Tome of Bill)

EC Stilson is interesting, creative and genuine. Reading her works is like reading a letter from a friend. She is warm, wise, witty and wonderful. She writes heartfelt, life affirming books. Elisa brings clarity and humour to even difficult issues. Her perspective is refreshing and keen.
-McGuffy Ann
Professional Book Reviewer

I highly recommend Bible Girl & The Bad Boy because of its comedic elements and because of its portrayal of how tough it is to be a teen. Parents should definitely read this book, just in case they've forgotten what it's like to get through those difficult high school years.
-Janie Junebug

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The Sword of Senack by E.C. Stilson

The Sword of Senack

by E.C. Stilson

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"Ah, my friends, and oh my foes," the "Sword of Senack" will draw you into an underwater world of peril with two talented heroines and a swashbuckling hero. You will wonder at the creative mind behind this book. A mind that envisioned an underwater world that will enthrall both children and adults.  
-Dee Ready
Author of A Cat's Life: Dulcy's Story and Twelve Habits of Highly Successful Cats and Their Humans

This book was filled with many creative, lively, and unique characters. EC opens up a new world under the ocean.
-Close Encounters with the Night Kind
Professional Reviewer

Picking up this book, I had no idea what I was getting into. This book caught me completely off guard. It was like nothing I expected. This is a creative and thrilling read fraught with danger, brimming with fantastical scenery, imaginative characters and a story line that keeps the action coming. If you are looking for an exciting fantasy adventure that takes place in the ocean, give this one try.
-Heidi "Rainy Day Ramblings"
Professional Reviewer

Debut work by EC Stilson with the help of her "oldest" daughter.
This book is full of cute illustrations, chocked full of quick and cute wit for kids on how to lose a tooth and a totally awesome read.
-Jennifer Otherworld

This book would be fun for any parent to read to a child who is losing a tooth--or for the child herself! The words are simple and the illustrations are beautifully done. I loved it!
-Fran Fischer
Editor & Avid Reader

My daughter and I read this book together, not once, but several times. She smiles, chuckles and out right giggles. She'll make me stop and hold a page so that she might get a closer look at one of the colorful illustrations. She's at the perfect age for this book and thoroughly enjoys it. It's great fun for kids at that rip tooth-losing age. My kid says "thumbs up." I'd highly recommend it. I found it more fun to read than many of the other books we read in her daily reading program.
-Deborah Krager
Professional Writer

Additional Endorsements 
 I was immediately drawn into the story of "The Golden Sky."  Having, myself, suffered the death of an infant son, I can say that EC Stilson has portrayed, amazingly well, the emotions of a grieving mother.  Anyone who has lost a child will relate; others will gain a deeper understanding about the length and depth of the mourning process.  All readers will be edified.
-Nannette Monson Kern
Author of "Come Autumn."

Reading your book made my days shine as bright as the Sahara sun. How you can make the reader shine with such a sad book is beyond belief. It's all within you, your strength that you show in your book brings out the warmest sunshine rays. Thank you so.
-Dimitri Sarantis
Author of "Deep Blue Eyes on the Greek Isles"

Elisa's reflections from her journal in this book are poignant, insightful and often very humorous. Her sense of hope and great love of life made what could have been a tale of tragedy into a love story. It is the story of a mother's love for her child. It is also, and perhaps even more importantly, the story of the love between two parents who grieved separately for the loss of their son and yet were tied together forever by their life-changing experience. We would encourage anyone to read this book who would like to better understand how losing a baby can transform the life of a couple.
-Carolyn Kasteler & Kay Tanner
(Angel Watch Grief Counselors)

I haven't ever read anything like "The Golden Sky." So much emotion was poured into it from start to finish, I don't know how anyone could walk away from it without being profoundly effected.
-Krissee VanderWerff
Author of "A Muse Gone Rogue"

Reading EC Stilson's journal was almost as if exploring a secret attic and uncovering a lost notebook full of a young woman's journey through the loss of a child. I never expected to laugh as much as I did—laugh through the tears—and smile at "The Golden Sky."
-D.S. Tracy

Throughout time millions of women have lost infant children. But when it happens to you, you feel uniquely alone. How could God let this happen and how could these poignant feeling of lonely despair rip through me? With naked honesty, EC Stilson has documented the range of emotions, the tearing at family relationships, the social ignorance, and the ultimate arrival at "The Golden Sky" that came through her journey of losing Zeke. We all must process grief in our own way. This book dignifies the sharing of grief: an essential process to our own individual healing.
-Burke and Rose Larsen
(parents of loss)

I really feel this could help other mothers who have lost children.  It's so nice to talk to other mothers, but you can't physically talk to everyone who has lost a child.  Zeke's story is a way of "talking" to so many more people than you ever could otherwise.  And what a blessing it will be to all those who read it!
-Jenn Cobia
(mother of loss)

Your experiences really struck a cord with me, and it felt good to read another mother’s experiences.
-Shana Judkins
(mother of loss)

This story opened my eyes to the hardships that are caused by the loss of a child.  It is so well written that I felt as if going through the situation alongside the author.  There is so much hope by the end of the story that this is sure to help many families that have gone through similar experiences.
-Candiss West

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