Friday, February 3, 2023

So This Is 40 — And God Sent a Ladybug!

My 40th birthday was the best anyone could ask for! I wanted to thank you for all of the kind messages. I feel extremely loved and so lucky. I don’t even care that I’m still fighting cancer. It’s my new normal—and like I’ve said before, even though I’m not in remission, my shitty attitude sure is! 🤣 Life is such a miracle if we just have the guts to look for the good. 🥰

Do you remember that post I recently wrote, praying for God to send me a ladybug as a sign? Look at what I got (picture below)—and one was an accident from Amazon! 😮 (Here’s that post if you want to read it, but having this “ladybug birthday” seemed pretty incredible: .)

I asked for a ladybug because in some cultures if one lands on you, it’s a sign that it will take the suffering away and keep you safe. Anyway, yesterday I got all of these ladybugs (FIVE OF THEM), and it blew me away!

Also, your support this week has been unreal. THE GOLDEN SKY has stayed in the top No. 1 and 2 spots for women’s memoir for five days in a row! Thank you to everyone who’s taken the time to get the eBook; I am on cloud nine. 

Do you know how when you’re about to put a dog down and you give them a steak dinner the night before? If this is my steak dinner from God, it’s been worth it. But honestly, I have a feeling things are starting to turn around. No matter what, I’m enjoying the ride.

If you haven’t read my first memoir and would like to, you can get that for free today:

Thanks again for everything 🥰

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