Thursday, December 8, 2022

Ruby Made My Day Bright

 It’s almost too ironic … Look at the photos Ruby used to make the AI photos. 

Tonight I looked at the photos Ruby paid to have generated of me—then I saw what she sent as inspiration. These original photos respresent some my hardest days during cancer treatments: One is from a hospitalization when I didn’t know if I’d live past the week. Others are from scans. 

I didn’t feel glamorous, like I could keep going, or maybe even worthwhile in some of those pictures.

Sometimes I don a smile because often a smile can make a bad day better—especially when given to someone else. But that doesn’t change the fact that suffering through numerous surgeries, undergoing cancer treatments, and fighting an incurable form of stage four melanoma is not easy—for anyone.

When I look at some of these photos now, I won’t think of hard times when I tried to be strong, I’ll remember what Ruby did to the photos and how my kids say they see me. They make me want to rise to the occasion. They make me want to keep trying. And that’s the best any of us can do: keep trying to be the best version of ourselves for the people we love.

One foot in front of the other,💓


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