Wednesday, July 6, 2022

My Cancer Isn’t in Remission, But my Sh*tty Attitude Sure Is!

 “Although my cancer isn’t in remission, my sh*tty attitude sure is.”

They told me I wouldn’t live past two years. They said the brain tumor would never go away. They said I would suffer from depression because that’s what “facing death” does. They said I’d look disfigured and never have the same quality of life. 

People will tell you all the terrible possibilities. At some point you either accept what they say or you decide to listen to the positive people in your life, pray for hope, and SHOW the nay-sayers what you can do. And even if there’s a small chance, maybe you should prove them wrong!

I’m still fighting cancer. That and chronic pain are something I face every day after numerous surgeries, treatments, and radiation therapies. BUT, my story isn’t over. 

I’ve almost surpassed the two-year life-expectancy mark. The cancerous tumor in my brain died. I work every day to choose joy and hold onto the good moments that fill each day. My quality of life is different, but so is my perspective—and I’m grateful for the insight. In fact, although my cancer isn’t in remission, my sh*tty attitude sure is.

The point is that if I can come back from ALL of that. If I can still see the good after losing a child, fighting death each day, and striving to find hope, then you can too. It’s a choice. Continuing to find the good—despite trials and hardships—IS a choice. Holding onto joy and letting go of negativity is a choice. So, what choices have you made today?

Note: I decided to write this after reading an amazing review. It just brought tears to my eyes and made me so grateful again for everything I have. Fighting stage four cancer has been almost unbearably hard at times, but the blessings I’ve experienced throughout this journey are priceless.

Feathered Quill review here:


  1. Like you said, you have a choice to make each day. You can either choose sadness or happiness. Either choice will take the same amount of energy--but they will have vastly different results. You, my friend, have chosen wisely. :)
    Also want to add that I knew a man with stage 4 colon cancer that went to Huntsman. They freaking resurrected him! He lived 15 more years and only recently died from Covid at the age of 85. He was a positive freak as well. :)

    1. That’s so awesome that he survived cancer and lived a long life. So inspiring 💓

  2. I hate this Anonymous comment stuff, so this is Inger who just wants to say I love you and please drop all those negative people from your life, even if they are relatives. No matter how long we live, people like that do not need to be a part of our lives.

    1. Inger, I totally agree. Thank you for this. Love you, Elisa

  3. Having a shift in our attitude and how we deal each day of struggle can make life happier