Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Catching a Perfect Memory

 I’m a preteen. My sister and her new husband are coming over to visit, and we’re all so excited. I can hear my mom singing in the kitchen. My dad is in the backyard, listening to oldies, and grilling steaks. He’s a construction superintendent who loves being outside in the sun with his shirt off while he’s hanging out with our giant Lab. 

My brother is on the couch reading a fantasy novel to me. And I was listening before getting so distracted—thinking about how perfect the moment is. Everyone is just so happy. I can feel their joy all around me. In fact, I wish I could take a snapshot of the moment, to carry it with me...always, so it can help me through if I ever have hard times in the future.

“Are you even listening?” my brother says.

I had closed my eyes when I started thinking about how perfect life was. And I’m not sure why but when he asked if I was listening, I felt like I should start fake snoring.

“Oh. My! Gosh! Are you serious?!” My brother walks over to me. He’s in his early 20s—and he’s my absolute hero. I’m still not sure why, but during those years he spent so much time with me (playing music, soccer, teaching me to love to write—anything really) even though he had all the friends in the world.

As he comes over to see if I’m really sleeping, I suddenly burst out laughing so hard. I can hardly control myself because I think it’s so hilarious that I tricked him. “Elisa!!! I knew it!”

He lightly smacks me with the book and chuckles. After that we go help my mom cut veggies in the kitchen. I go say hi to my dad and smile. He’s still outside just flipping those steaks, drinking beer, and dancing to oldies.

It’s just such a perfect moment. And since then I’ve had to capture those perfect moments throughout my life. They don’t happen very often—and they can be hard to catch—but if you can find one, commit it to memory because they’re truly precious. I’m still so glad I was able to catch this one.