Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Fight in the Grocery Store: Part 1

Standing in the grocery store yesterday, I watched, a bit mystified.  Most of the shelves are stocked now with some essential items people need – even Top Ramen.  Too bad the coffee grinder at the store is shut down because apparently if you’re going to get “corona” from ANYTHING, it’s the public coffee grinder.  It is odd how quiet the store is though.  Half of the people inside wore masks – and everyone stayed far away from each other – so somber it’s reminiscent of a library!  I used to work at a library in my teen years, but I’m so hyper and happy that it was a strange combination.  In high school I’d dyed my hair the colors of the rainbow and the head librarian said I had a personality to match.  She just wanted me to stop making the patrons laugh so much...because the library is supposed to be quieter than death...or something.

Anyway, being solemn is NOT a gift God gave me. So, yesterday, I stood half an aisle away from an old man and I raised my voice to ask, “How are you doin’?” 
“Ornery as ever,” he said, and pulled his mask down so I could see his momentary smile.  “Don’t you run that paper in Blackfoot?”

I nodded.  “Why yes, I do.”

“I get it,” he said.  “Figure as long as I don’t see myself in the obituaries, I’m doing all right.”
“I hear ya there.  I heard someone say six feet apart is better than six feet under.”

He laughed pretty hard.  “You take care!  Hopefully I can come visit that office of yours sometime when this whole thing blows over.”

“I’d love that!” I grinned.

Then he put his mask back on, and hobbled away.

The cashiers now have thick plastic barriers around them like they work for a bank that might get robbed.  It cracked me up because there’s one young cashier who’s freaked out about germs on a good day.  You should see her after the virus.  She has this head scarf thing and all you can see are her eyes.  I really hope she’ll be okay, not just in regard to corona, but mentally; I can’t imagine how scared she must be.  “That head thing really brings out your eyes,” I said to her, meaning it.

“I’ve missed you!” She laughed.  “You always have something different to say.”

“It’s so quiet though,” I whispered, turning to look at the grumpy people who stood in line behind me...almost a football field away.

“Is this one of your strangest trips to the grocery store?” she asked.

“Well, no....but it’s up there.”

That’s when I thought of something hilarious; it’s not a moment I’m proud of, but it’s my strangest trip to the store.

To be continued tomorrow....

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