Friday, April 21, 2017

Why is Society So Cruel

Guestpost from my twelve-year-old, The Hippie
Why is Society So Cruel?

I feel like sometimes people don't realize what they say when they say something... one word can ruin, or make someone's day. You can make a difference between somebody's life or death... you may not know it but you affect everyone with your mood, actions, and thoughts. 
    Some people are going through stuff that you cannot even imagine. So why do you have to put them down? It's not funny to mess with someone's emotions, to mess with their feelings, to mess with their pain or their happiness. So why do people still do it? 
Why is society so cruel that they can't realize that one action, one word, one glare, one smirk, one laugh can end a life? Can end a story that never got a chance to start. 
    I have seen so much negativity being passed around. So much cruel language, so many rude thoughts, so much negative energy that I don't even know what is happening to people. 
    Society acts like emotions are a joke, like they don't even matter. But would they matter if they were yours? If you got pulled into that person's position? Society puts people down. They keep building negative thoughts over and over again. Until finally you crack... you're done... and that's when they realize their mistake... 
    I have an amazing family, amazing parents, and an amazing life. I'm not saying that any of this is representing me, because it's not, but I just want to make everyone aware that people are becoming so negative. And the saddest part of all is that nobody is realizing it.     
    I was looking through old family pictures, looking at old friends, and that's when it hit me.. why have I become so negative? Why has everyone become so negative? All I've figured out is what the problem is... but unfortunately I haven't found a solution.... 

- A Concerned Soul
The Hippie

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