Tuesday, April 19, 2016

What's Most Important, Having a Heart, Brains, or Courage?

When I was a kid, I'd play a hilarious Disney game. The players would answer about 30 questions like this: 

If you were at a wishing well, what would you do?
(a) Sing about your wish
(b) Practice your sword fighting skills around the well
(c) Find a furry creature to befriend in the nearby (obviously) magical forest
(d) Look for your prince (since that's all you think about anyway)

If you saw a frog, you would . . .
(a) Sing a full-length song about it
(b) Practice your sword fighting skills on him
(c) Ignore him and find a Furry creature to befriend
(d) Kiss him because, let's face it, anything that walks (or hops) COULD be a prince 

The most villainous person in your life is . . .
(a) Your stepmother
(b) Your stepmother
(c) An octopus
(d) Your stepmother

Depending on your answers, you'd find out which princess was most like you and the prince you'd marry.  The game would then provide a description.  I ALWAYS ended up being Ariel . . . and I ALWAYS married the Beast.

From my answers, I was doomed to be perpetually spontaneous, basically willing to be an idiot, just to have fun.  They were kind of right. Wasn't I homeless in Hawaii? And I also wanted to find someone with a heart of gold.  

After recently watching The Wizard of Oz, I started thinking about the idea behind Disney's quiz.

What about these three wise men and their wishes?

If you could pick one of these traits for yourself, or for your spouse/sig other, what would you pick?

(a) a good heart
(b) intelligence
(c) the lion's share of courage
(d) a gift for speaking to munchkins