Monday, November 18, 2013

Today, my son would have been 11 :(

Remember "The Golden Sky"--the story of my son who passed away?  Well, today Zeke would have been 11.

I want to write a special post about him today (find it below).  But before sharing that, since it's his birthday, his book, along with many others will be available for FREE download from 11/18/13-11/22/13.
Here's the list of FREE downloads:


Bible Girl: & the Bad Boy

Homeless in Hawaii

The Golden Sky (ZEKE'S BOOK)

How to Avoid Having Sex

How to Lose a Tooth

The Best of ECWrites (Crazy Life of a Writing Mom)

Open Doors: Fractured Fairy Tales

The Sword of Senack


And I'd also like to tell you about a new release CLICK HERE

Not only is it an amazing story about overcoming facial defects, bullying, and other devastations life can bring--it's a tale of hope, forgiveness, and redemption.

Zeke was born with a cleft lip and palate.  So to read Karl Schonborn's story--and delve into the life of someone else born with some of the same issues as Zeke--it was absolutely fascinating.

I hope you'll enjoy this story if you have a chance to check it out.

“A poignant, heartfelt tale of endurance and hope. Schonborn’s story is an inspiration to all who endure physical or mental health challenges and those who care about them.”
U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry


Dedicated to Zeke, Junko & Shigekazu:

A forty-year-old Japanese woman sits rocking in a rocking chair; the wooden boards of her front porch creak under the pressure.  She gazes out, studying the rice paddy fields that continually sway from the passing of the wind.

    "Shigekazu-san, hurry.  Get ready!  He's coming!"

    A tall man, appearing to be a bit younger than the tiny woman on the porch, steps from the small house.  He's been working to tune a new piano that was delivered to their house earlier that week.  He wipes his large hands on his pants before hugging the small woman.

    Without another word, the woman continues rocking, the man standing eagerly behind her as they watch the fields.  And if anyone had walked by, they would have thought the scene picturesque--the two Japanese people, waiting so expectantly, as if for another miracle to come.

    Time passes like a dream.  The two silently enjoy each other because they sometimes feel as if it's been years since they've seen one another.

    Soon, the wind really picks up, and the sea of paddies dances even more than before.  That's when a striking young man steps from the fields.

    Junko, the elegant woman on the porch, stands.  Tears glisten in her eyes.  "When we heard that you'd died, we felt so much sadness.  But to meet you here!  You look just like our son-in-law--like your Uncle Shane!"

    The three of them smile.  They'd never met on earth, yet something tied them together.  It was the love of those they'd known while alive.

    "I've waited years for this.  I heard your prayers the days after I died."  He studies both of them with returned kindness.  "And I've wanted to thank you for everything you did to help my mother after I died.  Have you seen them recently?" The man--Zeke--suddenly asks, as if unable to stop himself from saying the words. "Have you seen my mother and father?"

    Junko nods. "I saw your mother a few weeks before I died.  I wonder if she knew my time was coming because she asked me something as if it were more important than anything in the world. . . ."

    "What did she ask?" Shigekazu says.

    "She asked if I could give her one bit of advice--one thing that I'd learned in all of my years of experience."

    Zeke and Shigekazu both wait for her to go on.  Junko closes her eyes, then smiles.  "I gave her the advice I knew she needed most.  'Don't lie to yourself, Elisa,' I said. 'Don't lie and your life will be filled with joy.'  I hope she'll always remember."


And as the three of them sat, visiting in Heaven, their families on earth were still amazed that Junko died exactly two years, to the day, from when her husband Shigekazu died.  And that Junko was cremated on Zeke's birthday.

To those lost but never forgotten.  We love you!


  1. Happy Birthday Zeke! You're lucky to have such a wonderful mother that is always full of so much love and happiness...even when the world gives her every reason to be filled with bitterness and hate!

    Thanks E

  2. Thinking of you and Zeke, and sending hugs.

  3. I know Zeke's having a happy birthday!! You made me cry again, Elisa.

  4. I believe that when you see Zeke again you'll hit it off like you've never been separated. Like he was always there.
    Because he is!
    Sharing in all your joys, sorrow, and all the crazy family fun that you have with your other kids. Happy birthday to your lil' man!

  5. This post is beautifully written. I miss you so much. I'm sorry it's a sad day for you. You will be with Zeke one day, but you must wait.


  6. Sure he is looking down with glee over all things you and crazy haha

  7. Not sure what to say…your story has me all choked up. Blessings to you and yours.

  8. Hugs to you and prayers for you, my friend~

  9. I loved this story, so poignant and comforting to "see" this in my mind's-eye. I am so sorry for your loss. Hugs, you're in my thoughts today.

  10. Your words touched my heart and tears came. Sending hugs.....

  11. I think you are very generous to share books on the anniversary of your son's birth. I hope one day that my friend, Maria, will be able to read about Zeke. She lost a son, Robert, after around a year. She had three healthy boys since then. Hope your job is going well. Hugs.

  12. Happy birthday to your son! I'm sorry you lost him but someday you'll be together again. One of these days everything will be all right again.

  13. It's probably a tough day for you. Sending lots of hugs, and hoping that you get to celebrate someday with Zeke in heaven!

  14. 11 years is a long time but I am sure in your heart it feels like only yesterday he came into your life for such a short time

  15. Happy birthday to Zeke. Mama Elisa, it must be hard to remember.

  16. Happy belated birthday to a very special person who may be gone from this plane but will never be forgotten by the many whose lives he touched. Thanks to your wonderful mom, countless others will continue to be inspired by your strength and the love she has for you.

  17. When I read Zeke's story I knew how special he was and how fantastic his family was too. Sending good wishes your way. :) Hugs to you and your family.