Thursday, October 10, 2013

"Secrets of the Ash Tree" Interview

Secrets of the Ash Tree
By Siv Maria Ottem
~~~In the realm of the gods and fairy tales the mystery of life is an endless path with many secrets to be discovered. Some secrets are like dreams, just waiting in darkness hoping to get into the light.
‘Secrets of the Ash Tree’ is the story about Liv, a young woman who discovers her true nature through the unraveling of hidden secrets. Her adventures begin when she digs up a chest that was buried by her father under the old ash tree in her garden. What she finds inside the chest changes her life forever.  Liv discovers one secret after another and is thrown into a world full of dangerous and strange creatures, mighty Norse warriors and perils beyond her belief. What started out as a fairy tale in her father’s journal was to become her legacy, a guide line to survival, and a map to the world she was about to enter. Each day, each mystery, each encounter will ultimately reveal her true destiny and behind the edge of a sword awaits a young god who is willing to share that destiny with her.

Available in Hardcover, softcover, kindle:

Now for a fun interview about the book!

What's the one item you'd grab if your home was on fire?
Odin turns his head and fastens his one good eye at Elisa. He touches the rim of his floppy woolen hat and smiles.
“It has taken me over a century to get this hat just right and I would never leave home without out. Not even if all of Valhalla was on fire.”

If you could be a superhero who would you be?
Odin chuckled, “Am I not a superhero in your world? From what I have heard my son Thor has become quite the superhero. Actually you could say that I am the father of all superheroes.”

If you could fight any supervillian who would it be?
Odin placed both hands on his walking stick and leaned forward until his face was just inches away from Elisa. The breath on his whisper curled the air with the scent of stale ale as he answered, “Loki…I never tire of battling my wits against his. I find him most amusing, as I am sure you have read all about in the book Secrets of the Ash Tree.”

What made you fall in love with your significant other?
Odin tilted his head and curled his beard between his fingers. “You have such strange language. His voice raised an octave as he played with the words on his tongue… Significant other,” then broke into laughter. “Yes I could say that my wife Frigg is significant. Our marriage was arranged but I have come to love her. Frigg is the goddess of marriage, motherhood, fertility, love, and she is quite the housewife. What’s not to love?”

What is your favorite breakfast food?
“Now that’s more like it! Bring on the feast of dried meats and cheese, let us break bread together and celebrate the first story in a series of Gods and Fairytales. Bring on the ale so that we may toast to the success of Secrets of the Ash Tree!

"Secrets of the Ash Tree" Available in Hardcover, softcover, kindle:


  1. so does the strain of single parenthood affect your writing taking into account the change in economics

  2. Thanks Elisa! Odin got a big chuckle out of this interview :)

  3. Technically, he's right - he is the father of all superheroes.

  4. Odin can give quite the interview

  5. One of the most fun author interviews I've read. Makes me want to read the book-

  6. Since Odin has such wisdom, I would have a headful of questions and lips that would be afraid to ask them! :-)

  7. Alex- And some Superhero Father he is!
    Thanks Pat and Shelly
    Roland- You and me both :)

  8. For some reason I could not get the individual reply button to function

  9. Dear Elisa, what a great way to do a review of the book through a mock interview using sections of the book itself! Peace.

  10. Oh, I hope I didn't miss the party - food and wine! I'm in!

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